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Russell Brand Gifts Yoga Teacher Her Very Own OmMobile

in Celebriyogis, YD News

Notorious celebriyogi Russell Brand is making headlines again, this time for his generosity. In a gesture that admittedly seems more Hollywood than Mysore, Brand gifted his yoga teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa her very own OmMobile*, a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which cost him $33,000. Not a bad holiday bonus! And finally we have the solution to that tough ‘what do I get my yoga teacher as a gift?’ conundrum.

Some reports say that his teacher refused the lavish gift. After hearing that his “spiritual mentor” wanted the car, Brand bought it for her as a token of his thanks.  A source said, “…Tej wasn’t too pleased initially when she found out, saying he should keep his money or give it to someone who needs it more. She was grateful for the gesture though.”

Surely Brand can find somebody else willing to take this new car off his hands.

*Not a photo of the actual car, sadly.




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