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YD Holiday Giveaway Series: Win The Ultimate Yoga Poster!

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Tis the season of giveaways on YD! We’re thrilled to celebrate the end of 2012 and ring in the New Year with another round of holiday gift giving. Cheers!

First up…



Consider it your yogadork map. Created by yogi couple Karoline and Frank Neville-Hamilton by virtue of kickstarter and the generosity of funders, this (or THE) Yoga Poster takes on the task of gathering together major concepts, types and the history of yoga all in one visually cool and comprehensible overview of the practice. Click here to zoom in.

The 24” x 36” (standard size) poster is printed on thick, archival quality paper made of 100% post-consumer waste and recycled materials. It:

  • expresses the main philosophical concepts behind yoga,
  • differentiates and covers the major paths, traditions and styles,
  • explains the relevance of major historical periods and texts,
  • describes the particular actions you do and the relevant terminology you hear and
  • places everything within a cohesive, easy to follow metaphor centered on a stylized banyan tree (a tropical fig tree sacred in yoga literature).

We’re giving away TWO copies courtesy of Karoline and Frank.

TO ENTER: We’ll start out easy. Yoga has taken many forms over the years. Whether you’re new to the practice or are a time honored veteran, share with us in the comments your favorite style(s) and why, or perhaps your journey to find it. That’s it!

Entries accepted until noon Friday, December 28. Two winners will be chosen at random and announced shortly after. Good luck!

Can’t wait? Now through December 25 use code 2012DORK and save 20% on orders through their website or their Etsy shop.

UPDATE: Congrats to Jerry and Christine! Thanks to all for sharing your yoga in the comments!



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  • YIN! I love the quiet and stillness of the practice. Plus the therapeutic benefits to my body are huge. It is my favorite practice to teach as well!


  • Melanie

    I came to yoga through vinyasa flow, sweated and detoxed the physical body which unintentionally opened the heart and emotions and then the practice of meditation…. to hold the emotions, to continue to open, to nurture, find innate strength, and expansion. My seated practice has birthed a more neccessary need to practice a balanced yoga, hatha in the form of heating and cooling postures, slowly taking time to nestle in close to the stillnes inherent in the body through each expression of pose.

  • I love vinyasa. It is physically challenging, but more importantly it is super meditative as well! It awakens you spiritually, mentally, and physically, but I am sure that all forms of yoga do that 🙂

  • stacey

    My favorite teacher has her own style called Subtle Yoga. It is an asana practice that includes mantra, movement, and breath, sometimes very physical, sometimes very spiritual. Always amazing. As a brand new beginner I came to her class and have been back every week since. Yoga and meditation have changed me in so many wonderful ways… I am forever grateful.

  • Ninjenni

    I started out in Yoga Fit, and then branched out to try out Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Restorative Yoga, Yogalates, and even Yogabeats. And along the way I picked up a little from each, turning my toes a certain way (to stay safe) from Yoga Fit, swan-diving in prayer pose from my Vinyasa practice, adding a little Beastie Boys in for my sun salutations (Yogabeats, y’all)–all of these were delightful discoveries I would never have made if I hadn’t tried something new.

    That said? Left on my own, I prefer a rigorous Vinyasa flow, preferably with some flying poses.

  • Mary T

    I love restorative. It just rejuvenates me in a way no other form of yoga can.

  • Cecilia

    I had always thought that yoga wasn’t for me because I wasn’t flexible, but in 2003 I was lucky to meet a very good viniyoga teacher. Since then I haven’t stopped practising it. And my life has changed a lot. I can’t imagine another way of living without yoga. Krishnamacharya said: “You can only begin a journey from your starting point”. That is the idea of viniyoga, it is the yoga that must adapt to the person, and not the person who adapts to the yoga. Thanks to this idea I’m into yoga.

  • Hannah L

    I love all yoga but Vinyasa is my favorite 🙂 I love yoga because it is only as difficult as you make it. You decide whether or not to lunge into that warrior one an extra inch, therefore you cannot be good at the practice. You can only make your practice beautiful.

  • Lauren

    Before about six months ago I would have said vinyasa, but I’m quickly becoming a yin convert! I always leave that class feeling refreshed.

  • Laura

    My yoga journey started when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had never practiced in a studio environment before and I realized that I really looked forward to my class each week. After giving birth I continued and I find it a great way to relieve the stresses of motherhood and work. I love to practice vinyasa.

  • Angela S

    There are three styles that make up my practice. Yin because of its longer held poses, provides a more reflective and meditative practice. Jivamukti because it has helped me grow as a person in every aspect of my life and taught me to be truly self-aware. And lastly, restorative because it literally restored me from years of shock and trauma so that I could come back to yin and ultimately find Jivamukti.

  • Amy Beth

    I love and respect all forms.When I was little my mom had those cards with yoga poses on them. I liked to take the cards and ‘play’ with them all the time. 🙂 I still like to make my own routines up the most. Lol

  • I go bath and forth with Ashtanga, but my favorite teachers here in Chicago teach Tantric yoga, and I’m crazy for it. It feels like such a wonderful fusion of the practical and the divine. It really speaks to me.

  • Keith Milby

    Vinyasa flow Hot Hot Warrior Power

  • Kristen Love

    Vinyasa 🙂

  • I love Vinyasa Flow Yoga. It feels like you are floating on air.

  • Christy

    A rigorous vinyasa for me! It reaches me and quiets my mind like no other.

  • Veronica

    I absolutely love hot vinyasa, it is challenging and also encouraging to see yourself grow stronger. I took a Yin Yoga class at Tadasana Festival and fell in love also, it was relaxing, restoring, and a perfect compliment. Hoping to find more Yin Yoga in San Diego.

  • kat

    Iyengar yoga all the way! Iyengar is one of the sources of so much of what we see in modern yoga. The quality, depth and clarity of the instruction is unmatched by any other style I’ve tried. I’ve learned to cultivate balance in my body and mind through practice because we learn to respect our needs day to day by shifting our practice. I can take a slow practice with long holds, I can work vigorously and quickly, I can do purely restorative work. We work through all the categories of poses in a systematic way. My senior teachers (who study with the Iyengar family) are always pushing my boundaries of perception and encouraging me to explore and deepen my practice. They challenge me to be responsible for my continued growth and not rely solely on my classes with them. Is it hard to practice and study this way? Yes. Would I trade it for something simpler? No way!

  • Hui

    I’ve always practiced vinyasa flow but I recently discovered Kundalini. I love the concept of a moving meditation, and the use of mantras. It’s helped me really connect with my deeper self. I’ve also started reading up on the chakra system because of kundalini.

  • My latest love is yin. I found it during a time when I had a solid vinyasa practice, but my work life was out of whack. Yin keeps me sane! And vinyasa keeps me strong. 🙂

  • Phyllis Dabiero

    I’ve recently found yoga again after many years of inconsistent practice. I had spinal surgery last year which left me with some neuro/muscular deficits. Physical therapy although helpful wasn’t getting me to a new me that I was OK with. I came back to my practice, mainly asana in the beginning, but quickly desired to learn more. I find different styles more suiting at different times, but ultimately I love Ashtanga yoga. Moving through each asana just comes naturally, allows the mind to have that moving meditation… your body just knows where you are going next. Love it!

  • My new favorite is quickly becoming Forrest. A new style, but deeply healing while exceptionally challenging. I love Vinyasa and Ashtanga, but need the intentional self-healing power of Forrest right now. 🙂

  • It’s so hard to pick just one…I always try to choose the style that will give me what I most need at the time, whether it’s something super chill, super intense, super smooth and flowy, or super something else. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with vinyasa. There’s nothing like a good slow flow vinyasa.

  • Riley

    I’m new but slow burn yoga is my fave.

  • Danie

    began taking vinyasa yoga to keep a friend company in class…and then i couldn’t stay away. it just came naturally, and i found it at a time that i really needed it. amazed at the awakening it’s given me in everyday life and the powerful emotions experienced during, and after, practice.

  • Kristin

    I completed my 200 hour YTT this weekend (woohoo!) and have learned so much more about yoga than I could have even imagined. Despite discovering many of the different paths of yoga, I think I have to put my finger on Yin (with a close second to Hatha). I get up early every saturday for 9am yin followed by a trip to the farmers market. I don’t always want to get out of my cozy warm bed, but knowing there’s a cozy class waiting for me makes it worth while. It’s one of the few things that’s routine in my hectic life.

  • I discovered Kripalu yoga taking yoga in the phys-ed department at a community college. The instructor was the only one out of many there who taught Kripalu yoga. He studied at Kripalu Yoga Center while it was still an ashram and learned yoga from Amrit Desai.

    The experience was one of discovering the “real” yoga, a practice which is so much more than just the physical asana practice. The phys-ed class created a desire to visit OM Yoga Studio, and I have been going there ever since. I plan to teach Kripalu yoga one day and share what I have been given with others.

  • Desiree

    I love Bikram and Hot Yoga with Vinyasa Flow. I enjoy the heat, the detox and the edge I keep finding today I did not find yesterday. It’s a practice that gives back what you put in. Namaste.

  • jami

    I was attracted to the seemingly grounded and still images of yogi’s. Luckily I lived 1 block away from a yoga studio so I decided to try it out. I immediately fell in love and realized so many benefits of this amazing science. Now, 5 years later, I’m finishing up my 200 hr certification and excited about the future possibilities!

  • Vision_Quest2

    OM Yoga is one of my favorites. OM Yoga, sadly, had to close here in New York. Maybe Yoga To the People will feature a knockoff of that practice some time soon, they had the guts to take on Bikram/Traditional Hot Yoga, then Jivamukti and Dharma Mittra … Since OM Yoga is so prop-intensive as well as 85 degrees in temperature, an $8 session (more expensive than “suggested donation”) would be just the ticket to get me back to the yoga studio …

  • Amber

    I love vinyasa yoga because its based on movement – trying to sync your body, breath and mind – which creates a focused physical practice and at the same time a calm meditative mind.

  • Stephanie M

    vinyasa slow flow. always makes me feel great.

  • Zee

    ashtanga, 99% practice 1 % theory

  • Maryannk

    Baptiste Power Yoga. A neighbor took me to class after hearing I had issues with IBS. After that, I never looked back!

  • Nikki

    Ive been attending a yoga class for four months now. I remember the day my heels finally touched the floor in downward dog. It was almost an out of body experience for me. I’m hooked.

  • Kay C

    I’ve practiced with many teachers but find Anusara is best for me.
    I like holding poses, and really working to get into the best possible alignment. Anusara trained teachers really work with their students, walking around the class and making adjustments as needed, rather than just demonstrating poses in front of the class.

  • jennyonassis

    I practiced Shadow Yoga for about 5 years and still incorporate aspects of it into my home practice- otherwise I am a lackadaisical Ashtangi.

  • I have many yoga loves, but my old comfortable shoe style is always Vinyasa. It was the first “Exercise” that I found that I really could enjoy. Since then, of course, it’s become so much more.

  • Lynh

    I am pretty new to yoga so I haven’t experienced a massive amount, but my favourite is Ashtanga yoga mysore style. I love the independent part of the practice, and the commitment needed really reflects the kind of person I am.

  • I love anything rigorous…however, I prefer a nice Hatha class that forces me to slow down.

  • ironlily

    I am in my late 50’s and years of factory work had taken it’s toll on my body, even my feet walked in different directions. An acupuncturist recommended I try yoga. Iyengar Yoga has saved me
    from years of sleeplessness and pain. It has helped me expand my world.

  • Leslie

    I’m obsessed with Ashtanga! Something about the structure and discipline of it appeals to the raging Type A inside of me!

  • Becky L

    I came to yoga through vinyasa. But I love a yin class in the middle of a tough week as well.

  • When I first came to my mat it was in Georgetown for a heated Vinyasa Power Yoga class. I was instantly hooked. Eight years later, I am still practicing Vinyasa Power Yoga and love the freedom and playfulness it brings to my mind/body/soul. As a Yoga Teacher in Training, I also like that in this style of yoga in particular, instructors (in Western Yoga at least) tend to incorporate their own flair–abs sequences, plyometric moves, martial arts, music, etc. I also love love love Ashtanga. It’s great when I’m feeling scatterbrained. It helps me focus, feel grounded…and of course, kicks my butt every time!

  • Danielle

    Dharma Yoga. I study regularly with Sri Dharma Mittra (the creator of the Master Chart of 908 Asanas, long before photoshop or digital graphic design :P), but my first teacher was one of his students.

    I came to the practice at a summer dance intensive program, and from the moment the teacher walked in the door, I thought to myself, “I don’t know ANYTHING about yoga, but THIS GUY knows something about how to live, and I need to find out what it is.”

    Since then, I’ve gone deeper into all limbs of the practice, and the yoga has healed me in every way imaginable – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… Life is just better now, and I credit the change to the practice 100%.

  • Jen

    I love the meditation in movement I can embody in vinyasa, and I love the stillness I enter in savasana after a focused practice session.

  • Corinne

    Many moons ago, my body aches and referred pains led me to try yoga, my breath then joined in the chorus while my heart and mind join the party soon after. Yoga no matter what style I’ve gravitated towards has provided me an environment for remembrance. A busy frenetic life can easily forget what’s really important. Yoga provides Remembrance of what I already know or perhaps what i already have within. Ta

  • Tracy

    I’m loving yin and meditation right now. My mind absolutely loves warm vinyasa yoga, but my body doesn’t always agree.

  • Julia

    The journey to yoga, for me, has been a long walk– as I fought myself the whole way, beating myself up for not looking like the other students in class, for not being as flexible, for not understanding the words– until one day I walked into a class where the teacher set me straight on what I was “supposed” to be doing. It has been a shear joy ever since!

  • Bonnie

    I practice and teach Amrit yoga. My journey began over 20 years ago with Hatha yoga classes in the evening community school program. I met Yogi Desai in 2009. Having experiened many different styles of yoga over the years, I knew that Amrit was the one that fit in best with me. Deepening my practice and study has transformed me , inside and out. It is so wonderful to share what I have learned.

  • Martha

    I should probably say Iyengar, but I do love Ashtanga. I teach beginning yoga, which is a mashup of everything I’ve learned.

  • I am an Ananda Yoga for High Consciousness trained teacher. This is my favorite form of yoga because it is both gentle and challenging and helps me tap into my own energy.

  • Jessica

    I love many styles of yoga, each for different reasons. When I did my yoga teacher training, I was drawn to Forrest yoga. I love it for its no nonsense approach, directness and courage. It teaches people to walk along side their fear towards a path of growth and healing.

  • Christine

    My favorite style has always been a vinyasa flow. I like to move with my breathe, and that includes doing what from the outside looks like standing still! I also have recently come to love Jivamukti. I’ve found that the chanting and harmonium playing light up something inside me that nothing else can.

  • My favorite style is definitely PranaVayu yoga, founded in Boston by David Magone. This style’s blend of intelligent sequencing, guided meditation, and pranayama is at the same time deep, intelligent, and fun. It’s an American style of vinyasa that’s inspired by scientific principles of physiology and alignment, as well as Buddhist philosophy.

  • bill

    I love and teach a gentle form of Hatha Yoga, ideal for beginners, m
    ature individuals, and people who feel they cannot do yoga, because of lack of flexibility, disability, or weight issues.

  • Jenn

    Ever since the first time I did yoga (a VHS tape of beryl bender birch), and cried, I have been hooked. I receive benefit from all styles, and even though I have my favorites I try to be open to all classes and teachers. Especially now that I live in a place with only hatha classes, I just dive deeper to find what I need.

  • I’m a Hatha yoga instructor for 8 years now. I’ve been doing yoga since I can remember as a child. I didn’t know exactly what it was then, because it was just part of my household daily life. My grandmother would take me to the Sai center and there we would practice yoga. Yoga to me is one, and the different styles are just different ways of applying the practice.

  • Jo

    I haven’t tried a ton of different styles of yoga, but so far my very favorite has been simple vinyasa flow – I love the feeling of working through a series multiple times flowing slowly from one pose to the other and eventually letting your body make the movements and open up!

  • Jennifer

    I found yoga 10 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. I found my bliss in Kundalini yoga. If offered me a path to tap into powerful energies that helped me be more creative and begin to heal depression. I’ve had the joy of investigating so many styles over the years and love how each practice offers something perfect for wherever I’m at in my life. As of late, Anusara has been challenging me and taking me deeper into my path surprising me in every class! I’m so grateful to have a place of refuge on my mat!

  • Asha

    I have so much gratitude for my own yoga journey. From those first classes in NYC in 1998 at a hatha-based studio where the approach was gentle, and unlike my surroundings, non-competitive, especially with myself; I am so grateful for this groundedness. To a studio in Cambridge MA where the yogi was Iyengar-based and deeply considerate of alignment, in addition to being a model of inspiration personally; I am so grateful for this knowledge and awareness. To a period of self-study in San Francisco with DVDs (Shannon Gannon & David Life and ashtanga with David Swenson) and occasional Bikram classes, which, although much-maligned by other yogis, brings much-needed heat to this chilly yogini; to an ashtanga vinyasa TT course in Dharamsala India, and finally to my current studio in northern Bay Area with a dedicated vinyasa teacher. It has all been rich as different elements of practice reveal themselves based on teacher, class, season, and layers of awareness that become richer over time. Perhaps someday I’ll teach, but for now, I’m perfectly content being a student and know that I will be til the end of my days. I think your practice must respect where you are personally, spiritually and physically, with gentleness and dedication. Namaste.

  • My first love will always be vinyasa. It was the style that got me hooked on a regular practice, and tapped me in to the inspirational community that a million different types of bodies from all walks practice with that I’ve had the honor of breathing alongside. I’m now a teacher of vinyasa flow, and it’s filled me with a sense of fulfillment I’ve never had before.

  • Brooke

    I am a brand new yoga instructor and just had my first public class this week. It’s the beginning of a chapter and a way to be of service to others. Yoga has given me such a creative vehicle to love myself and so to love others, and I have a massive, ancient lineage of yoga history to be thankful for. Thank you BKS Iyengar, thank-you Krishnamacharya, and thank you to all of the other teachers that came before me.

  • Doug

    Started with Anusara, now my favorite style is is Vinyasa with alignment!

  • Sally

    I have been a “Group fitness” instructor since 1985…yep…I’m not quite as old as Mr. Iyengar, but on the downhill side of the demographic bell curve. I started doing yoga about ten years ago to “stretch” but then had a serious health challenge. I then turned to yoga as a spiritual practice, and now teach. I am drawn to the more yang, athletic styles of yoga but my body and mind really need more alignment focused, yin, and restorative classes. Growing older is a lesson in many things…ahimsa, satya, santosa, svadhyaya…it is one that if we are fortunate, we will all experience its challenges. It has much to teach us.

  • Ashley

    Vinyasa Yoga helped me to take the time I needed for myself … I was able to destress which resulted in much needed weight loss… This poster will help me get back on track!

  • Lately, it’s been Yin yoga. I absolutely adore it. I think I have a girl crush on Felicity from yogaglo. 🙂 It balances well with my other obsession – kettlebells.

  • Sarah

    Kundalini! I’m extremely left brained and have always held things in. Kundalini yoga has allowed me to express myself better, really let things out, and not be so self conscious. It took some getting used to at first, but now I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Ashley

    I’m happy to say that I’ve recently fallen completely head over heels in love with Ashtanga. I’ve practiced many styles of yoga for many years now, always trying out different styles and classes. Through this I noticed I was constantly drawn to Ashtanga, though wasn’t sure why. Finally finding the courage to take a fundamental course in Ashtanga, I understand why I love this style of yoga, and where my draw to it comes from. The holistic and thorough approach that Ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga takes to the body, mind, and soul (SELF) is beyond any other I could imagine.

  • Mike

    I am greatly indebted to several teachers, and Anusara Yoga (can it be said here?) is the strongest signal they share. Alignment, flow, soften into the pose, then work hard.

  • Molly Hitchen

    My favorite yoga is the kind that Bryan Kest and his team teach. Their approach to Power Yoga is about so much more than the physical practice. It’s not about nailing a pose. It’s about loving it and loving yourself and others. His words changed my life. They’ve made me into a loving and effective instructor and appreciative student.

  • I am a 200 hour RYT that specializes in beginner vinyasa flow classes! My passion for yoga began when I realized the value of a holistic and healthy lifestyle. As Buddha said, what we think we become. But I’d also add that what we do is a reflection of who we are. With yoga, we can explore a healthy lifestyle with compassion and openness. I love the non-competitive/anti perfectionist attitude that so many yogis cultivate in their practice. I also love watching my students expanding more into the awareness of their bodies, surprising themselves as they go. Their inspiration inspires me every day!

  • michelle lewis

    kundalini yoga. i was initially attracted by the chanting and the sort of wacky aspect of it, but i’ve stayed with it through the years because nothing moves my energy the way that kundalini kriyas do–there’s really something special going on.

  • Seth

    For āsana practice, I appreciate the Indian Bihar school, and despite the tragic fall and flaws of JF, Anusara has always been good to me.

  • Ashley M

    Yoga has pretty much enveloped my life the past year. I took my first class, a Vinyasa Flow, last November and two months later signed up for teacher training. A couple months into my teacher training I took an Ashtanga class and wow! I could probably venture to say after a primary series practice I feel better than ever… every time.

  • va

    is this open internationally ?

  • sarah

    I love going to my 4 yr. old daughter’s yoga class with her 🙂

  • Heather

    I practice Vinyasa and enjoy any oppurtunity to add laughter to a class. Peace!

  • Christina

    I have gone through a 200 hour yoga teacher training years ago and really just taught for a short time to adults, my hectic life got in the way. I have dealt with huge dramatic happenings in my life, as does anyone, but needed a better way to deal with these dramatic happenings. More recently I have taken a 500 hour yoga teacher training and loved learning in more depth about the philosophy of yoga and connecting with other instructors and their varied backgrounds. I do teach a yogakids program presently. I take classes of a variety of different styles. I definately have found my favorite instructors, I do come back to the style of how I was trained in yoga. I feel meditation in my life has offered a great deal of solace that I need. And that is a great poster, I hope to be one of the winners : )

  • Christina

    Adding to my previous blurb. The yoga that I was trained in that I always come back to is a style of gentle and nuturing Hatha Yoga. The chanting while doing sun salutations does a lot for my soul, more than I can explain in words.

  • lauren

    I love Ashtanga yoga, because it is what brought me to yoga 3 years ago. While I also enjoy Vinyasa flow classes, I feel Ashtanga grounds me and instills in me an internal sense of strength and stability.

  • Rach

    Vinyasa. I’m a newbie, though, so that may change with time.

  • Amy

    I started practicing yoga with an Iyengar teacher and loved the precision and emphasis on all of the micromovements and adjustments that make up a posture. I practiced
    Anusara yoga for the past 4 years, but this is evolving after Anusaragate (something that has affected me deeply). I have recently sampled other schools – Vinyasa, Power, Kripalu, Yin, and Hatha. Anusara, despite all of its flaws, remains my favorite. I love the philosophy, the explicit language of how our work on the mat links to our work off the mat, and the emphasis on alignment and precision.

  • Lexus

    I have practiced yoga on and off for about 4 years now and have finally commited to yoga by enrolling at S.W.I.H.A for Yoga Teacher Training. I am ready to embrace yoga on a deeper level and become a guide. Ashtanga & Kundalini are two of the styles that I have practiced the most but Bikram Yoga has always left a wonderful impression on my spirit. I find that it challenges my will power, focus, and dedication to myself and the practice. I can’t deny the fact that I love the heat! I always leave all of my sessions feeling rejuvinated and wiped cleaned mentally, physically, & spiritually.

  • Johnida

    I am partial to ashtanga yoga. I discovered it and developed my practice during yoga teacher training.

  • Leeanne Porta

    Hatha and Ashtanga are my favorite styles. I like the Mysore style of Ashtanga because it allows me to follow my breath and move at my own pace. I like Hatha because I like how the class is different every time and it can be adapted for what you need. All styles lead back to Hatha.

  • I have fallen in love with a style taught by Jennifer Reis at Kripalu, called Five Elements Yoga. It follows the five elements in the body, and draws from Chakra and Ayurvedic theories. I can’t wait to be able learn/study and draw my own conclusions and way of teaching it to our students. Happy Holidays from Provincetown MA!

  • Teri

    I began my love journey with yoga following Steve Ross on ‘Inhale’ on television… I know he’d call it “happy yoga” and the rest of us might say it’s a vinyasa based practice. Now I teach a mostly hatha style and call it “gentle” – for those just discovering and for those whose bodies ask for mindfulness. Namaste!

    • Vision_Quest2

      Oh, DOESN’T mine! [ask for mindfuless] … except I am a pilates freak.

      I had to innovate my own style that is vinyasa/hatha and still infused with a lot of pilates in it, despite the recent influence of myyogaonline.com.

      Mindfulness is embodied ahimsa in yoga practice.

  • Terri

    Journey started in grade school when my mother shared a class with me. She died before she saw me graduate as a teacher but she is the root to my love. No favorite style, just Yoga…just you, just me, we are one! ME LUV THE YOGA POSTER!

  • Dana

    I’m an Ashtangi through and through! My journey began with a more classical Hatha, and explored Vinyasa Flow for several years before I settled in on the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.

  • Slow vinyasa style with plenty of time for savasana with the lights dimmed and great soothing music.

  • hmmm..favorite style..honestly, it depends on my mood. Sometimes it is vinyasa, sometimes it is kundalini, sometimes anusara, but as I write this viniyoga, moving with the breath, is the style that speaks to me the most. My path to yoga has healed many aspects of my life and I am so grateful.

  • Claudia

    I was blessed to meet my first teacher at high school, who taught a mash up of kundalini, feldenkrais and Tibetan yoga practices. I did a long apprenticeship with her, as well as a formal Satchidananda yoga teacher training before finding Anusara about ten years later. My classes, and my preferred way of practicing, are an eclectic mix of all the wonderful teachings and teachers I have known. I love Satchidananda for giving us yoga nidra; I love feldenkrais for its ability to cultivate meditation and mindfulness from movement to movement and moment to moment; I love Yogi Bhajan’s crazy kriyas and I love that Anusara has deepened my teaching and brought so much joy to my practice.

  • Shauna

    In my short time as a yogi, I’ve tried lots of different styles. It’s nice to know I have a home with the intensity of Kundalini and Iyengar, the gentleness of hatha, and the joyousness of Dharma yoga.

  • Richard Applegate

    I recently discovered Vinyasa Krama. I very much enjoy the manner in which these meditative sequences are based on the breath and timed with the heart.

  • Val O.

    I have been “dabbling in yoga ” for the last 30 years. Starting and stopping after hurting myself, healing, starting again, hurting , starting… Got discouraged and put away the mat for many years.
    After a career change to massage therapy, I found myself presented with the opportunity to attend YTT at SWIHA in Tempe, AZ.
    Long story short, I could never have predicted the incredible transformation that took place within my life, my mind and my soul from this evolutionary personal experience. Never having embraced any real form of spirituality or belief system, I truly felt connected to something in or of this beautiful universe. For the first time I feel at peace , present and in gratitude. My favorite style to practice and teach is yin. I love to share this life changing style with beginning students . It allows for growth, openess and acceptance for each student’s own individuality.
    Thanks you.
    Val O.

  • JRM

    I was really hesitant to try ashtanga but when a friend told me to try it and think of it as an energetic practice it blew my mind. Love it.

  • susan s

    i’m relatively new to yoga but i’ve fallen hard for vinyasa. as i’ve gotten better and better in my practice, it’s been truly amazing to see how the poses flow with my breath, without my even having to think about it. when i first started, i never thought i would be able to move from one pose to another with my breath and now it comes so naturally.

  • My favorite style is children’s yoga. It allowed me to find my passion in teaching kids yoga in schools, and helps me remember to never take my practice too seriously. Most importantly, it gives me a way to help change future generations through teaching creativity, imagination and mindfulness.

  • My favorite type of yoga is a blend of kundalini, restorative and vinyasa–err, Vinyastorativalini?? I’m not sure if that really exists (yet), but I was introduced to each type individually through one of my favorite teachers, Kate Duyn. I fell in love with all three and now embrace them as my cuddly yoga family. I am a ball of dynamic energy and found that vinyasa balanced my itch to move, kundalini helped me focus by keeping my a.d.d. tendencies in line, and restorative settled my monkey mind 🙂

  • sus

    I prefer the Iyengar style for the therapeutic alignment and intelligent use of props

  • Gaugs

    My favourite yoga is bikram, I’m a jerk.

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