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Austin Woman Slammed for Attempting Yoga in a NYC Cab, and Other Questionable Tips

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image via gothamist.com

We admit it, as much as we love New York, it is a crowded, stinky, mob scene of a city that can have even the chillest yogi steaming out the ears. Get out of the way people! (Yes, sprinting to yoga class, plowing through pedestrians and across avenues, traffic be damned, arriving out of breath so you can finally just relax! You know who you are.) A little street yoga could go a long way right?

That appears to be the thought behind this well-intentioned, yet ill-advised web series called “Yoga 360” where our host Lori gives tips on getting your stretch on when shopping and Starbucksing in the mean streets of NYC. What nobody told Lori, a yoga teacher and tourist from Total Wellness Austin, is that New York doesn’t have the room nor the patience to deal with your Ugg-asana shenanigans, like flipping your feet up on backseat headrest of a taxi, and unfortunately they’re going to let you know about it.

Native NY blog Gothamist handed Lori her asana earlier today in a post criticizing the series:

…while we are totally impressed that Lori can stretch her hamstring in a moving cab while holding a cup of coffee we can’t believe that a New York City cabbie let some lady from Texas flip around and put her boots on their backseat headrest. We hope she tipped well!

And the cranky commenters had a field day, resorting to juvenile name calling. Sadly, her videos have been taken down, which we assume was in reaction to the onslaught of unexpected criticism. The only ones still up are these short clips.

We say to Lori: honorable attempt, sister. Granted you might want to brush up on charisma and video production, but sometimes you can really lose track of all the walking you do here and those tips to stretch, breathe and drink a little more water in between sight-seeing, shopping and venti-mocha-double-minty-latte-with-extra-froth slurping or whatever you out of towner kids do could be useful. Overly petty internet comments aside, New York is a yoga city, and many of us embrace the practice even if you can’t see it through the fast-trodden, self-serving exterior. So come and do your yoga! Just, for the love of all that is sacred, do not get in our goddamn way about it. Respect.



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  • Daveareeno

    Hey, skip the profanity?

  • please don’t judge the rest of austin or texas based on this one woman!!! 🙂

  • Frida_K

    We’re not all like this in Austin…!

    This woman is an embarrassment. I don’t know what else to say other than “yuck.”


  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    It sounds like she’s suffering from a neurological disorder, or perhaps she’s slightly brain-damaged.

    Though admittedly, it is often hard to distinguish these conditions from “yogini-speak” generally.

    The whiny and nasally delivery only makes it worse.

    This woman is totally unqualified to speak in public — and maybe even in private.

    Where is the quality control in American yoga generally?

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