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10 Cute and Funny Holiday Yoga Illustrations

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There are just way too many cute and cheery Santa yoga funnies out there, so we thought we’d bring some of our favorites together in one merry little post. Here you go! Ho ho…

1. Om for the Holidays

 [via yogadudes]

2. Om Christmas Tree, Om Christmas Tree…

 [via yogadudes]

3. Peace and Harmony Santa


4. How Santa Stays Balanced


5. Santa is a Yoga Dancer

[via dribbble]

6. Holiday Yoga Stamps

[via zazzle]

 7. Not Santa, but he’s close. Yukon Cornelius getting his yoga on with his misfit toy pals.

[via 2011 Bing commercial]

8. Santa and his reindeer, warriors! And cutie Rudie.

[source unknown]

9. Sant-ashtang-a!

[via artist Boonchu]

10. Ho-ho-ho-oooooooom.

[source unknown]

Bonus Ashtanga Santa:

Also by Boonchu.



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