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A YogaDorky Holiday: 12 Gift Picks

in Holiday 2012

A YogaDorky Holiday: 12 Gift Picks from @YogaDealer Jenn

  1. Anti Slip Yoga Pants and Gloves by Electric Yoga ($98.00; $35.00)
    While sticky mats are helpful to a yoga practice, the extra bulk to lug around is not. So why not be the mat with Electric Yoga’s wearable solutions, helping yogis anywhere to get a grip and keep it during a matless practice.
  2. Spotify Subscription ($9.99/month)
    Yoga and music go together like chocolate sauce and ice cream – alone their great, and together they are amazing. For those who like to keep evolving their playlists as much as their practice, Spotify’s subscription based music platform supports the artists (no music stealing), provides a vast library of tunes and can be played offline on mobile devices like iPods and Android phones.
  3. Brunch Teas by Kusmi Tea ($31.95)
    Have you ever met a yogi who didn’t like tea?  Neither have we.  Kusmi Tea’s (a French tea company) gift set has a variety loose tea tins along with the proper accessory to enjoy them alone or with pals post yoga.
  4. Holiday Minicure Gift Set by Zoya ($20.00)
    Yoga works from within, but pretty feet might motivate one to step on the mat more often and reach for them toes, plus Zoya’s nail polishes are not toxic and long lasting.
  5. Evernote Notebook by Moleskin ($24.95/$29.95)
    Journaling is a great way to keep track of your yoga practice, your intentions, your moods and even your grocery list.  For yogis who are hooked on office supplies and their phones, Moleskine has gone to the dorkier side with its new partnership with Evernote, the subscription-based notebook app.  Now useing its Page Camera feature, Evernote can capture the pages of the Moleskine notebook with a smartphone or tablet, uniting thoughts on and offline.
  6. The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot ($108.00)
    Wintery weather can cause one to go into hibernation mode at home.  The Ulitmate Yogi’s set of 12 DVDs provides a variety of class styles – from heart-pumping cardio to calming, gentle flow and a guided meditation, so even when leaving the house looks bleak, yogis can enjoy the classroom setting and atmosphere in their living rooms.
  7. Cuppow Lid and Jar Insulator ($7.99 each)
    Is it just us, or is everyone currently obsessed with using Mason jars as drinking vessels?  Take one to-go with Cuppow, the creative company that invented a plastic lid to transform these beloved jars into legit travel mugs.  Their new jar insulator also makes carrying hot drinks more manageable.
  8. Soakbox by Soakwask ($50.00 – in Canadian dollars)
    For aspiring Etsy artesians, Soakwash’s box sets of custom-dyed yarn, a pattern for fingerless gloves, matching Essie nail polish and its own handmade lotion and wash, make it easy to please DIY yogis. Shop soon and get free shipping on all orders until December 11th, 2012.
  9. Up-Cycled Glass Candle by Paddywax ($16.00)
    Paddywax’s soy-based candle line smells amazing all the while burning long and clean (less soot – Santa will thank you).  For the wine-drinking yogi, their up-cycled collection repurposes wine bottles to house unique candle blends like mandarin-lavender, bamboo-green tea and basil-cucumber. Gifting these bottles can set the mood and ensure a hangover-free morning after (when enjoyed on their own). Use code PADDY20 at checkout to save 20%, and get free shipping on orders over $70.00.
  10. Non Slip Hair Ties by MPG ($10.00/set of 3)
    We are convinced the sock monster’s sister is the hair tie monster.  Losing hair ties is inevitable. On the bright side, it makes them the go-to stocking stuffer gift for yogis.  MPG’s set of three Non Slip Hair Ties promise to play nice, keeping ponytails happy sans slippage and kinkage.
  11. Introduction to Essential Oils Kit by dōTERRA ($26.67)
    In addition to just smelling great, essential oils can really help get into the mood – from calming to energizing, there’s an oil for that.  However, like asana, in the beginning, discovery the magical powers can be overwhelming if not taken in stride.  dōTERRA has created a simple kit with three starter oils, along with an audio CD and booklet.
  12. #BlissedIn Tank by BexLife ($19.95)
    Beyond a simple tank top, #BlissedIn has become a movement, started by Rebekah Borucki, the fierce founder of BexLife.  All profits from BexLife branded merchandise sales through December 31, 2012 will be donated to relief organizations serving those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Plus, enjoy 25% off at the BexLife Shop by entering YOGADEALS25 (expires 12/31/12).


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