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Former Anusara Leader John Friend ‘Rebirths’ Himself, Returns to Teaching Full Time, Thanks

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Not that this seems much like news anymore, and instead feels rather like a bludgeon to the head with a chakra tiara, but we’re sharing the latest from camp John Friend because some have inquired about updates and after this crazy roller coaster year, doggone it, they deserve them. We’ll call it a form of closure, because J Fri seems to have found it himself, as detailed in his most recent post-Thanksgiving message to his new mailing list.

A quick breakdown: JF had a tough and “painfully Kali-like transformative” year. There was a lot of turmoil and damage to his professional reputation, and yet he “brightly returned” and has moved on. He’s thankful for Anusara students’ “astonishing openings” though he will having nothing to do with the brand now known as the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, the “sole licensee of the Anusara yoga trademarks” (although, we know they will actually forward a percentage of teacher licensing fees to Anusara, Inc. of which John Friend is the owner). He feels blessed to have this opportunity, now “free to focus a lot more attention on my practices, studies, and writings.”

This return to teaching full time began just this fall with a string of workshops and he’s grateful to the Denver studio for kicking it off and providing the space for him to “rebirth myself into a higher form on all levels of my being.” As per his last correspondence, we take this to mean promoting a franchise-able 60 pose style called The Roots, writing a book about it and likely going on a world tour now that all is totally fine and forgotten.

Not for nothing, it’s great that he’s turning lemons into citrus light kombucha, but is it outrageous to say some might have been more accepting of this rebirth had JF gone through a Britney Spears-esque meltdown, with a Nick Nolte style mug shot and a stint on a reality intervention TV show? It certainly would have been more entertaining and maybe even more palatable. Everyone loves a good comeback story. Nevertheless, too soon or no, this email sent Monday, December 3, 2012 lays out where John Friend has been and where on earth he is planning to go.

Greetings [name removed],

This Thanksgiving 2012 was a very profound day of gratitude for me after a painfully Kali-like transformative year. After my personal scandal in the early part of the year blew up the Anusara yoga community and whirled my life into turmoil, I have been able to reemerge into public teaching at a new level within this same wild-ride Year of the Dragon. From the stunningly quick dissolution of my leadership of the Anusara yoga organization and the damage done to my professional reputation, I have brightly returned to teaching as an independent hatha yoga instructor still offering very powerful alignment technologies.

I have just completed 7 successful and very positive weekend workshops in a row (Denver, Park City, Santa Fe, Lake Tahoe, Winnipeg, Detroit, and Phoenix), and it felt so wonderful to share again my love of hatha yoga with many bright-hearted North American students. The yoga community at Vital Yoga in Denver was the first to host my successful return to public teaching this Fall with over 70 students per class. The Springer sisters, Micah and Desi, welcomed me to Vital and gave me a chance to begin a whole new professional presentation of myself and my teachings. Their integrity, inner strength, and disciplined life practices have provided a healing environment for me to rebirth myself into a higher form on all levels of my being.

The focus at Vital is triadic: whole foods nutrition, set-sequenced advanced asana practice, and daily meditation. Speaking from direct experience this year, committing to this disciplined life-style for weeks at a time can revolutionize your mind-body and get you into excellent shape. Eating out of the garden, practicing the Roots asana sequence and sitting meditation each day, and the loving support for in-depth study and writing has helped me tremendously to withstand the personal tumult of the last months and has helped to prepare me to start fresh with my teachings independent of the Anusara yoga community.


Synchronistically, as I just returned to full-time hatha yoga teaching, the new independent, teacher-owned and managed, global school of Anusara yoga was launched. It is being run by licensed Anusara yoga teachers representing 5 regions around the world: USA, Canada, Central & South America, Europe/Middle East and Asia/Pacific. This newly formed organization, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, will be the sole licensee of the Anusara yoga trademarks and will be the central global body to administrate curriculum and certification in these 5 regions. I am very happy that Anusara yoga will now continue to represent the highest standard in hatha yoga teaching and methodology, and I am confident that it will grow and flourish in many countries for many years to come.

My 15 years as the leader of the Anusara yoga community were filled with times of the greatest joy for me as beautiful-hearted students in dozen of countries had astonishing openings using the technologies of Anusara yoga. The Universal Principles of Alignment spread into hatha yoga classes in over 100 countries and influenced the teachings of hatha yoga systems worldwide. In its first 15 years, Anusara yoga became renowned as an elite hatha yoga system with the highest standard for teacher certification in the world. Although I will be independent of the administration and direction of the school now, I believe that in the years to come, Anusara yoga certification will again be highly valued in the marketplace.


Without having to manage the school of Anusara yoga, I am now free to focus a lot more attention on my practices, studies, and writings. Although it is painful for me to leave so many personal associations after many years, and to relinquish control of the organization that I founded, I feel blessed to have this opportunity to start fresh in my life.

Foundational to my own heart-mind-body transformation this year, has been my practice of the Roots, which has radically shifted my postural and energetic alignment in the most powerful way. From the discipline of regularly practicing the advanced Roots – 100+ poses in 90-minutes, I witnessed my steady progress physically, mentally, and spiritually over the last several months. On a mind-body level, the Roots, performed with alignment principles, balances and tones the neuro-glandular system more than any other asana sequence that I have ever practiced.

The Roots isn’t the end-all of yoga routines or the only asana routine to practice, but the way that it requires the practitioner to internally squeeze muscularly and physiologically while holding so many balancing poses in a row is uniquely transformative. The sequence is designed to open the hips and shoulders in any extraordinary way by aligning the lower and upper halves of the body in an integrated way using avant-garde biomechanical technology.

The core of the nervous system and the pranic channels of the mind-body get toned quickly with daily practice of the Roots while applying principles of tensegrity. An inner strength and mental lucidity are among some of the benefits of a toned and balanced nervous system. So, I am filled with a fresh enthusiasm about my teaching and practice right now as I am learning so much every day, which can be so helpful and particularly therapeutic to so many people worldwide!

I warmly invite you, [name removed], to come study with me again at any of my upcoming workshops. My 2013 tour is now listed on my new website www.johnfriend.com, with more dates to be added as they are set. Further information about each event is forth-coming as well. I have also added a blog to the site.

Blessings of Light to all as we celebrate the end of 2012,

But we won’t know everything’s really ok until he makes his return to twitter.



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  • MeNo

    Ugh. Run for the hills. This reeks of the worst of what flawed humans have done to yoga. And even in the face of total disclosure persist in the denigration of a sacred practice for the price of personal gain and fame. Sadly, he may still succeed. Hopefully a new vision and direction for true yoga will take “root” and the weeds planted by egotistical and warped minds be pulled and tossed aside. Namaste.

  • YogibEar

    What a dirtbag. Clever though, cos he knows that yogis have open hearts and forgive easily. Then he can recapitalize on their open wallets. Sigh. I’ll stick to ashtanga, the traditional method that has not been renamed to benefit a single person, aka jf

    • GoAway

      “Do not be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”
      ― G.K. Chesterton
      Hopefully yogis will mature to the point where open heart doesn’t mean garbage truck.

    • JJ

      Jois Yoga?

  • goyogagirl

    you go john. screw the haters. live in the now and move on.
    jai ma!

    • Been there

      It wasn’t the ‘haters’ he screwed last time around.

      • Juan Friendo

        He’s back to show students a correct “alignment.”

        • koven leader

          Sure. Of his magickal penis.

    • MeNo

      goyogagirl, living in the now never implied being thick as a plank.

    • yes

      Yes lets all live in the now.

      God knows right now John is $#@$ing someone over.

  • Sam Louise

    Ugh! Won’t this guy go away quietly and leave the yoga world alone? I feel all dirty after having read his pseudo-love-for-all nonsense. He appears to have not learned anything useful from his past wrongs.

  • First time tragedy, second time farce . . .

  • charlie

    oh dear ! still banging on about how remarkable he is , his self promotion and claiming of other peoples teachings as his own continues , still im sure a whole new set of admirers will emerge with the mantra our yoga is best . I would like to know what mind body transformation happened for him because it sounds like the same old BS to me , all rather depressing . What exactly is his relationship with the springer sisters ? im curious .

    • truth

      If his past is any indication. He is using them. Once he no longer has a use for them, they will be kicked to the curb like the others. Even greater chance he is already making the moves on the next shri-monger. A lot of people think this is just about sex… really it is more about how John will march right over the back of anyone who allows it to happen until he’s made a human bridge all the way to the top. Once there, I fully expect him to drop his yoga diaper and $#@# all over the people who got him there. Truth is he is a pathetic bullshit artist and nothing more.

      He makes this crap up as he goes, manipulates everyone around him, then puts on a public face of Mr. fantastico fun factory. I ask, what has he by himself ever done? He rides on the coat tales of other authors by forcing his nonsense into the books he publishes for them. He didn’t create any new system of yoga at all. He has been “writing” his own book for what 10 years with nothing to show for it. He made a fool of himself, of Anusara, of Wicca, and just about everything else he has been a part of. Then he comes back after a couple of months, acts like nothing happened talks about how his “new” system is better than ever how he is great, etc. etc.

      I am all for forgiveness but only when the person comes from a place of true growth and humility. Maybe John should get a real job for awhile, stop jet setting all over the damn place to exotic locals and try to find what small glimmer of an authentic human being is still left inside of him.

      • Been there

        You pretty much nailed it right here. He recently (like 3 weeks ago) had a 45 minute tirade/temper tantrum with a CA teacher who has supported him through this, yet made a comment online that could be construed as critical. Now she doesn’t feel safe in the same room with him. The public face is still a charade; no change.

        Question: would Kastaub Desikachar be allowed the same self-absolution and rehabilitation after a few months? I think not.

        • Been there

          sorry for the misspelling — Kausthub.

        • Sad, but not surprised

          I hate to hear that another teacher is being bullied, but it’s unsurprising. John has treated teachers badly for years, and few stood up to him.

          What more do these teachers need to be revealed? When will they see him for the manipulative charlatan abuser that he is?

  • Zee

    The greatest goo-roo and his ideas in the history of Anusara contain no more truth than the bleating of sheep.

  • Written like a true narcissist! Anyone who follows him now at least have been forewarned.

  • tensegrity huh?

    Here is abit from wikipedia on tensegrity:
    “this can produce exceptionally rigid structures for their mass and the cross section of components.”
    stop trying so hard jf and learn something.

    • Been There

      This is another example of a concept he has latched on to without fully understanding, and then promotes in a dumbed-down version as a reflection of his own ‘genius.’

      Tensegrity was elaborated especially by Buckminster Fuller as a structural principle for architecture (see http://sustainabilityworkshop.autodesk.com/video-script-and-illustrations-lightweighting-tensegrity), and is being used by body workers to understand how the fascia supports form and healthy function in the body. Examples of models for this understanding of the body can be found at http://www.intensiondesigns.com/models.html

      There are no ‘principles of tensegrity’ apart from the fact that balanced tone supports structure (and can be used in calculations for reducing building materials); moreover, his use of language such as ‘avant-garde biomechanical technology,’ ‘toning the neuro-glandular system (huh?), and so on reduces his self-promotional pitch to a pile of smart-sounding gibberish.

      He could actually be a good teacher if he were able to let go of the compulsion to promote his awesomeness, and focus on understanding what he is talking about. But then he would be the same as the rest — just a good hatha yoga teacher. That’s never been enough for him.

    • Been There

      This is another example of a concept he has latched on to without fully understanding, and then promotes in a dumbed-down version as a reflection of his own ‘genius.’

      Tensegrity was elaborated especially by Buckminster Fuller as a structural principle for architecture, and is being used by body workers to understand how the fascia supports form and healthy function in the body.

      There are no ‘principles of tensegrity’ apart from the fact that balanced tone supports structure (and can be used in calculations for reducing building materials); moreover, his use of language such as ‘avant-garde biomechanical technology,’ ‘toning the neuro-glandular system (huh?), and so on reduces his self-promotional pitch to a pile of smart-sounding gibberish.

      He could actually be a good teacher if he were able to let go of the compulsion to promote his awesomeness, and focus on understanding what he is talking about. But then he would be the same as the rest — just a good hatha yoga teacher. That’s never been enough for him.

  • Hash

    How could he have had the temerity to write that email? I’m astounded by his ego. A true charlatan if there ever was one.

    • GoAway

      Narcissists don’t have ego they are ego. The b.s. factor in that email is astounding to witness. However he will crash and burn. You can rise to the top once on false representation and try a second time but it will be hard for him to hold together what was already torn apart.

  • honomann

    Sounds like you had a nice vacation, John. Eating veggies from the garden, doing your roots asanas. I wonder how many women you trysted with had foot the bill for your afterbirth? I’m happy your glands are healthy and working properly for round two.

  • Cookie

    I can’t believe he thinks he will be so easily forgiven. I can’t believe he added me to his new e-mail list! I was one of the many people he jettisoned, after I questioned one his favored ones about the origins of his Anusara philosophy. I had maybe exchanged 10 words with John Friend, all small talk pleasantries, and he looked at me like I pooped on his foot! Then he adds me to his new e-mail list! Why? Because he knows I HAVE MONEY!!!

  • Sai Kumar Reddy

    I don’t understand the hatred for John Friend. Anusara style was not so bad, it was a pretty decent style, a cross between vinyasa and Iyengar. Sure he learnt most of his stuff about alignment from Iyengar but he did what any entrepreneur would do, create his own with some minor changes and some new marketing words. If we look at it as nice little fitness/relaxation system it was definitely pretty good. Like any successful businessman he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his success which for any typical male would be good food, good sex and good fun. He was living the American dream until it was destroyed by bad publicity, what he needs is a good PR manager. Did he break any American laws,? Not that many, he still did no worse than the corporate masters of America , nothing as bad as wall street or most of our politicians. So why the hatred? Now he is trying to come back with a new business plan, whats wrong with that? People will buy his product only if they like it. He still has his expertise in the physical form of yoga, which need not be wasted and if his new sequences are good then lets practise and benefit from them.

    • Spiritual Bypass

      In other words you have no idea of what you are talking about, and no personal experience of his actions or the harm done. It’s just ‘bad PR’ and the harm done to him as a poor, innocent victim — a good ol’ boy who was just livin’ the dream. Thanks for sharing.

    • Former AY

      Sai Kumar Reddy, you are woefully misinformed. He was not “destroyed by bad publicity.” He was destroyed by his own ego.

      He did break laws regarding the pension program for his employees, and he likely broke laws regarding franchising.

      But whether he broke laws is not the issue. He was a cult leader. He manipulated, lied, and abused.

      Educate yourself before you defend such a vile man.

      • Spiritual Bypass

        It’s more likely that ‘Sai’ has either bought into the whitewash that JF wants to sell, was put up to it by JF himself, or IS JF himself.

        And the argument likely accurately reflects how JF recounts the events to himself in his own mind. He is the victim and really didn’t do anything all that bad; and he becomes the ‘victim’ especially when the issue is turned into a question of why there is so much ‘hatred’ for him. Then it’s not about what he did, or acknowledging or taking full responsibility for his actions any more, but rather about why people are so mean and unforgiving.

        And that’s the saddest thing of all. The only sadder thing than the saddest is that there are people who actually buy it and justify it with the belief that in doing so, they are more compassionate, yogic, nonjudgmental etc. than the ‘haters.’ Thus he is enabled to continue in his fantasy, and it is this fantasy that will bring him — and others — down again. Because he hasn’t changed — neither in his desires nor his temper.

        • Sai Kumar Reddy

          Thank you for your comments. I admit that I don’t know anything about John Friend personally. I took some yoga classes taught by Anusara Yoga teachers at different studios and used some of his dvds. The teachers and the dvds were pretty decent but so were teachers from other styles. It was just different pacing and offered some variety from say Vinyasa style. It was a nice little style with few tweaks from other styles to make it different enough but there was no reason to treat Anusara style or its creator as something extraordinary. To be blunt what he did was not rocket science.
          So I only speak as a distant observer who was puzzled by his rising stardom and amazed by his rapid fall.

          • Spiritual Bypass

            Thanks — it was indeed not rocket science, and I certainly sympathize with your impression from a distance. His rise was indeed puzzling; his fall was obvious and all but inevitable to anyone paying attention and had close experience of him.

            The rule he should have paid attention to most: be careful who you step on as you climb the ladder. You will meet them again on the way down.

  • Honomann

    Great troll Sai! Well played.

  • Grossed out

    Avant garde technology? What the hell is that supposed to mean? The truth is that it means nothing. It’s fluff without any science or anatomy professional (that is not brainwashed or spiritually bypassing) to back it. It’s a bunch of adjectives that he throws into the air to try to make his teachings and the sequence that he has adopted from his love interest valid.


  • Yoga Chick

    I got the email from John. I laughed out loud! I have lost all respect for any of my fellow teachers who still follow and support this wingnut.

  • PattyS

    My, that was a quick transformation. Sounds like he’s back to the same old blah blah, and looking for another marketing opportunity. Anyone who is smart will follow the truth inherent in the practice of yoga, and ignore the BS spouted by this charlatan and his ilk.

  • PayNoMind

    As I study with one of the earlier yoga peeps of the west that actually went to High school with JF. That source mentioned, in passing, that JF majored in business and minored in psychology in university.

    “Yoga” is a just a product being sold. Mr. JF knows quite well about the psychological triggers in society; he’s earned a degree in it.

    For people that like fast-food style, consumer yoga, Mr. JF provide the perfect dose to buy into.

    This whole scandal with adultery and theft? Don’t worry about it. He’s his own PR spin-master. Probably boost his personal income by selling his transformation and “helping others transform”.

    Just remember, MBA. and BA. PSY.
    Doesn’t matter how you garnish and put fragrance over shit, it’ll still taste like shit.

  • Wanda Gumm

    JF’s kali-like transformation is about just that – John Friend’s transformation. Less the kali, who imports knowledge of the difference between what something is and what it appears to be. Anyone truly concerned about how his actions have affected others would hold these ‘transformational’ experiences close to his own heart. Rather than use them for his own self interest. After all, if he’s going to teach his yogaholic followers a new religion, then he has to appear as the teacher. Having evolved from the flames of disobedience to the light of mammon in one final swoop. Not only redeeming himself, but the world. Wouldn’t be surprised to find that his throne is still waiting for him outside the glass windows of the ashram. Call it tantra, new age psych, existentialism, alchemy – all the same. I call it brain washing. Like trying to dissolve one’s head in water before realizing that when your lungs fill up with water, you’ll die. But for all these kabbalists, it’s just an illusion. Until it isn’t.

  • First Time Tragedy Second Time Farce

    Hey everyone! Did you hear about the new ‘Shri Daiva Yoga?’ Totally respect Anusara Yoga, but this is way better! The last year was just a ‘sabbatical’ — this is totally “Divine Destiny!”

    “Shri Daiva yoga: Divine Destiny

    Today, 1-13-13, Desi Springer and I announce the establishment of a new hatha yoga system called Shri Daiva yoga, a modern school of hatha yoga focusing on alignment technologies for the healing and energetic expansion of the mind-body and the heart.

    This is the product of a collaborative unfoldment between Desi Springer of Vital Yoga in Denver, Colorado throughout 2012. In the Spring of 2012 I formally separated myself from the administration and leadership of Anusara yoga. Then in the Fall of 2012 a new global school of Anusara yoga was established independent of my management. Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is exclusively licensed to use the trademark of Anusara yoga internationally. The very high standard of professional training and certification in hatha yoga instruction is being maintained by ASHY within 5 global regions: Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe/Middle East, Latin America, and the United States.

    While on sabbatical last year I regularly practiced and collaborated with Desi, who has been a student of Anusara yoga for 7 years and is very knowledgeable and insightful about alignment principles in asanas. She has been a disciplined practitioner of hatha yoga for 13 years, and is renowned for her strength and integrity of character. Desi and Micah opened Vital Yoga in Denver in 1999, and today it is Denver’s oldest and longest thriving yoga studio.

    Along with her sister, Micah, Desi created The Roots asana sequence in 2008. In the early part of 2012 I started practicing The Roots with Desi, and I found the sequence to be one of the most complete and powerfully transformative that I have done in my 40 years of practice. Through regular practice of the complete 108-pose Roots routine, eating pranic-filled foods out of the garden, and daily meditation over the last year, I had a profound change in my life, which will be clearly evident when we meet in person.

    Over the last year, I helped to modify and refine The Roots routine, including segmenting it into 8 distinctive vinyasa sets. The Roots routine is composed of 54 base poses, which any level of student can practice, and 54 advanced poses, which can challenge any experienced asana practitioner. The poses of The Roots are particularly outstanding at demonstrating the alignment principles that Desi and I use as the foundation of our practice. Every week for the foreseeable future I will be consistently practicing and teaching The Roots, because I think it is so powerfully healing, transformative, and illuminating. I am also practicing and teaching other sequences as well, as The Roots is a great routine, but not the end-all for asana practice.

    Over the year of practicing together and sharing ideas, Desi and I had a mutual awakening to a new paradigm of alignment technology, which utilizes principles of bio-tensegrity. In our model of the body we see the bones and connective tissue as struts and tension lines, which when optimally aligned, create a balance of push and pull energies providing us with tensile strength, flexibility, and lightness of the body. Through specific postural alignment and balanced biomechanical actions the tension lines of the muscles and other connective tissue create a structural integrity with the bones, which are positioned in a congruent relationship with each other. At the heart of our optimizing principles of bio-tensegrity for the human body are spiraling actions in the arms and shoulders, and the legs and hips, which harmoniously unite in a uniform curve at the T-12 line. Rooting and extending the spine and the core of the body, while maintaining integrity of the spinal alignment at T-12 and the low back curve, creates amazing strength and flexibility in the body in every type of position — backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, etc. The therapeutic value of these alignment principles for musculo-skeletal injuries and limitations is the highest and most powerful that I have worked with in my career. One of the most profound effects of the application of these paradigm-shifting alignment principles in basic postures is on the toning and recalibration of the neuro-glandular system.

    Since these alignment principles are distinctive from the Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara yoga, Desi and I established a new hatha yoga school, called Shri Daiva yoga in order to respectively distinguish with Anusara yoga. Desi and I recognize the high integrity and validity of Anusara yoga in its alignment technologies, philosophy and heart-centeredness of its classes. We think that the certified Anusara yoga teachers are some of the best and most highly trained professional hatha yoga teachers in the world. In establishing a new school of hatha yoga, it explicitly gives students and teachers of Anusara yoga the freedom to have independent association from me. And at the same time, we fully support the continuation and expansion of Anusara yoga.

    There are several key similarities and differences between Shri Daiva yoga and Anusara yoga. Both schools adhere to general Tantric yoga philosophy, and both have heart-centered, and thematic classes. ‘Open to the Universal’ or ‘Open to Grace’ is essentially the first principle in both alignment systems.

    While the alignment principles of both systems have a lot of similarities, Shri Daiva focuses on specific direction of muscular integration along the insertion to origin of the main muscles in both the appendages and the torso. The gluteus muscles are specifically emphasized in their engagement to help root and abduct the femurs. Shri Daiva uses a ‘Root Spiral’ in the lower part of the body, and ‘Wing Spiral’ in the upper part of the body to create a unified alignment at the band of T-12. From the balanced alignment at the T-12 band, the foundation of the pose is rooted down from the Focal Point while the rest of the body rises in extension. When the pose is rooted and the core is then extended with the right alignment at T-12, a tensegrity within the whole body is created which automatically encompasses the Loops of the torso. In addition, the Focal Point in the pelvis is at different locations in the 2 alignment systems.

    One big difference between the two schools is that Anusara yoga will remain a top-level professional teacher certification program, while Shri Daiva will not engage in professional teacher certifications or trademark licensing. However, we will conduct intensives, immersions, and teacher seminars, and will offer alignment trainings for all hatha yoga students of any school, including Anusara yoga.

    Shri Daiva yoga also focuses on a wholistic, disciplined lifestyle of living foods, meditation, and The Roots as a fundamental asana practice. Desi and I, along with other expert faculty, will be offering one-week Vital Living intensives at Vital Yoga in Denver each month with daily practices of pranayama, meditation, and The Roots plus catered whole foods based on Ayurvedic principles in order radically shift one’s lifestyle in just 7 days. Furthermore, the Vital Living weeks will help participants deepen their relationship with the Earth, which is fundamental to healing.

    I am thrilled about my collaboration with Desi Springer and the entire Vital Yoga community in Denver and Golden, Colorado, who have respectfully and kindly embraced me over the last tumultuous year.

    The best way to learn more about Shri Daiva yoga and the power of our new alignment principles is to come take a class or workshop with Desi and me.

    I highly regard Desi Springer as one of the premier and cutting edge hatha yoga teachers in the world. I am very confident that our joining forces will provide a greater capacity to serve the world yoga community than either of us would be able to do as individuals.

    May this New Year of 2013 be a positive, new beginning for all of us.

    May we better take care of ourselves with healthy, whole foods, and disciplined mind-body practices.

    May we spend more time in our own hearts cultivating more self-awareness and self-respect.

    By expanding self-love may we foster more compassion and understanding of the boundless interconnection we have with all Life.

    May we all heal our hurts.

  • Direwolfe

    Really? Why care?
    He is good at what he does.
    Want to make the world a better place?
    Don’t buy things that have ads for them. Don’t sell what you are given as a gift.

    Forgive, forgive, forgive, look into the mirror, begin again.
    Anicca vata sankhara.

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