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Top 5 Extreme Holiday Gifts for the Ultimate Yogi

in Holiday 2012, YD News

Trouble finding gifts for the yogis in your life who have it all? It’s rough, we know! But have we got the the holiday gift guide for you.*
(*as long as money, indulgence and fellow yogi stink eyes are no object.)


1. Croc Embossed Rubber Yoga Mat with Leather Strap  | Not your regular old boring sticky mat and carry strap; it’s an Alexander Wang original. Don’t you know who he is?? Exactly. This combo is the perfect gift for any yogi who’s ever complained their mat is just not designerly croc embossed enough to walk down the runway. You’d be surprised what a little reptile can do for your bird of paradise, or something. | $150

2. Nike Studio Wrap Yoga Shoes. No one’s yoga ensemble is complete without cutesie tootsies bound in lycra. These strappy little sandals will compliment any yogi piggies, manicured or not. (No, but seriously, we recommend a fresh coat of toe polish to fend off the yoga fashion police. Oh, they’re out there. Bad yogis, bad yogis, whatcha gonna do?). Wrappy strappies are perfect for practitioners needing prettier paws in downward facing dog. Tip: Pair with little black dress, über hot yoga boyfriend and accessories (see #3 and #5). | $110

3. Hers and His Diamond Om Rings. Bling. It’s the little known eighth (and a half) limb of the Ashtanga yoga system that, sadly, only Bikram Choudhury honors. That has just got to change. Make like Gandhi and be the change you wish to see with this offering of Om in 18kt gold. Because every Om begins with Oooohmygod, your ring is blinding me! Samadhi is yours to flaunt.| approx. $1,300 and up each

4. Ultimate Yoga Crash Pad. When the local niyambi pamby joint won’t cut it, nothing will light up your yogster’s face like a new condo replete with amenities such as your own rooftop pool and yoga studio. Too bad football player and yoga fan, Terrell Owens just sold one in Miami for cheap at $180k but a SoHo loft or something with an ocean view would likely suffice. | $200k and up

5. Chakra Tiara. This sparkly yoga crown should be self-explanatory. Because everyone should know you’re aligned and worth it! (warning: sirsasana not recommended, nor actually entering a yoga studio with this on your noggin.) | priceless

What did we miss?

(ps. we’re totally having fun here, and actually do have a real and practical gift guide coming up.)



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  • I love the OM ring, wish I could afford it. I love all,of your things. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Jenni

    “Because every Om begins with Oooohmygod, your ring is blinding me!”

    Too damned funny!

  • #4 is now officially on my list!
    Even though nothing beats actually doing yoga on a beach, this yoga studio with a view would be perfect for those days when the temps drop below 60!

  • arlet

    OK these are definitely extreme! No matter how many times I see the Nike socks… they just aren’t doin it for me! I can’t say that I would ever turn down a tiara though. 😉 http://extendyoga.com

  • Cookie

    “Niyambi pamby” made my Christmas.

  • Hui

    This is hilarious!!! I want an Om ring now hahaha.

  • Is it bad that my first reaction to #4 was, “How can you call it an ultimate yoga crash pad without any of those nifty yoga walls or arial slings and things?”

  • Not sure you can have #2 in a Christmas list – they aren’t out till Spring 2013 – Why do I know this? Because my daughter wants a pair for her contemporary dance class and they are on her Christmas list 🙁 I think they look awesome – but not for yoga!

  • john miller

    completely disrespectful and totally inappropriate

  • john miller

    the rings and the tiara

  • What a steal on the Ultimate Yogo Crash Pad! Maybe if Terrell Owens had spent more time in this fabulous studio and less time in the media, he could still have access to this place. 😉 http://www.saffrolean.com/benefits-of-yoga/

  • Wendy Rosen

    Love the rings, any shot if white gold or silver? Breattakingly beautiful. Ty peace…..great page ty again.

  • Nora Foster

    The Sequence STILLMOTION yoga mat isn’t as over the top as the products you listed, but I would definitely put it on a yogi’s Christmas list. I had it on mine and LOVE it. It’s the first ever yoga mat (at least that I’ve ever seen) with grip zones in the front and back of the mat. Great traction. No more slipping. All around awesome yoga mat!

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