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Yoga Keeps Knicks Forward Kurt Thomas at His Highest Level (As NBA’s Oldest Player)

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New York Knicks’ Kurt Thomas isn’t just the oldest player in the NBA, he might be the coolest on the court thanks to yoga. Known for tough defense, the 40-year-old, 6-foot-9 power forward is “a rebounder and a hustler” says our home office basketball expert who told us we can quote him. What does Thomas credit for still playing strong in his 17-year career of hard-boiled hustle skills? Yoga!

Thomas shared his affinity for the practice at the MSG Network’s Knicks Season Roundtable last month. Via the NY Post:

“It’s been really big for me…It helps my flexibility, keeps me at a high level. Mentally, it keeps my body right.”

And he’s got a mind to keep going. He told the NY Daily News:

“I never think about retiring,” Thomas said. “Until no one wants my services anymore, then I’ll start thinking about that. But until then I’m always focusing on the next season.”

Retirement, shmirement. Look out, Kareem.

[photo via ny daily news]



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  • Garuda

    Cuz the goal of yoga is to more efficiently throw a ball through a hoop.

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