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Guess Who Said It? Stoner Yogi Actor Edition

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YD’s Who Said It? where we post a quote and you guess the person who said it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

This edition is brought to you by the number 420, the recent legalization of marijuana and stoners everywhere (after they have a snack).

One of these well-known celebs, also fairly well-known for their liberal use of weed, is a huge fan of yoga, so much so, they’re likely to speak positively about it (and pot) in metaphors.

“Yoga and smoking a joint are very similar things. One, you take the elevator to the top floor, and the other you climb up the mountain. But the one gives you ultimately a deficit, whereas the yoga continually pays dividends.”

 Who Said It?

A. Matthew McConaughey

B. Kristen Stewart

C. Snoop Dogg

D. Woody Harrelson

Click here for the answer.



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