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Russell Brand and His Krishna Statue Interview Westboro Baptist Church Members on God and Gays

in YD News

So Russell Brand may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the chakra tattooed comedian cum Kundalinian has got some bandhas of steel. Recently Russell invited members of the infamously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church on his new FX show, the same group who march around with signs saying “Fag Pimp Brand” (which they kindly brought to the show).

The Westboro members came as their “duty” to warn people to stop sinning. What ensues is an intense yet impressively (mostly) polite exchange between the Westboro bible bros, Brand, a few of his brave gay friends and the incredulous audience.  There’s certainly a LOT of love talk flying around amidst “vitriolic hate speak.” Russell, a publicly known devout yogi, does an admirable job as host when things get heated in God love/hate debate. His all-one-love let’s-be-tolerant-of-one-another approach, even with the help of his “good ol bloody” Krishna statue dancing on the head of evil, doesn’t go over well.

We’ll save you the grief now: Madonna, Tom Hanks and Mahatma Gandhi are going to hell. Get used to the tapas now.



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