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TWIY: Yoga Pie, Yoga Police, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Dream’ Top, Russell Brand’s Studio Plans

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Warning: This is not a Cyber Monday post! phew. (It may make you want to eat pie though.)

In a time when we celebrated lights, lamented the passing of twinkies and got to use the words flaccid and boner, there really is just nothing to complain about! We hope you all enjoyed a yummy and gratitudinal Thanksgiving event. We are incredibly grateful to all of the yogadorks out there for daily inspiration and keeping the peace. Did you see those Black Friday videos? Yikes x100 and a 50% discount.

There’s no turning back now. O come, all ye yogful!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Joy to the World! A holiday miracle it is. Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein Case Settled Thank Jesus of Yoga Pants

Looking for the perfect yogaccoutrement to go with your lawsuit freedom? Start with this luxurious foray into one-shouldered nip slippery! Gwyneth Paltrow’s New ‘Dream’ Yoga Top Looks Like a Nightmare for the Breast of Us

Ah, but how on earth will you get to yoga class without your special yoga shoes, Dorothy? Zappos Loves Yoga and Selling You Yoga Shoes

Wrap it up with these adorable and otherwise useless expensive strappy thingies that most of us don’t need. Nike Introduces Yoga Shoes For Your Inadequate Lady Feet

Or forget the whole shebang and just go buck wild, baby. Buck’s Naked Yoga Beauties

Which, as it so happens, is not where this love bird glimpsed her dark and handsome knight in shining shakti. Missed Yoga Connections: ‘Petite, Very Bendy’ Seeks ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’

More things to love?

They’ve made it their mission to bring yoga to Israel’s ultra-orthodox Perspectives: The Awesome Kolberg Family Yoga Album (Yoga in Hasidic Jewish Israel)

Go O-H-I-O! Ohio Police Force De-Stresses with Yoga

British Fraggle Rocker Russell Brand is a kundalini superstar and he’s ready to teach us all his personal mantra. Actor, Comic Russell Brand Wants to Heal the World with Yoga, New LA Studio

He’s not alone. NBA legend George Karl is getting in on the action, er non-action, or you know. Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl Invests In Yoga

It wouldn’t be a TWIY without yoga funnies.

Got a few 2 minute spurts to spare? Catch this entertaining web series. Comedy Web Series ‘Yoga Town’ Guest Stars Sarah McLachlan’s O-Face – Watch All 9 Episodes

And in this yoga parody match up we have:

The bushy anuses! – College Humor Takes On Yoga Class Humor (and Bushy Anuses) – video


The yoga boners! – Oh Yes They Did: ‘Yoga Boner’ Music Video by Jelly Donut Feat. Daveed Diggs


Stick a fork in us, we’re all pied out.

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