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Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein Case Settled Thank Jesus of Yoga Pants

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In what can only be described as nothing short of a Thanksgiving miracle (or a financial and public relations no-brainer. Either way.), the Lululemon case against Calvin Klein over yoga pants patent ganking has been settled, the Wall Street Journal reports. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed but we imagine both sides were pulling on their stretchy threads so much in suspense that they may have even created sizes suitable for regular people. Wishes do come true!

The short story: Lulu holds three patents, including one for a special waistband with overlapping panels of fabric, that they claimed your Calvins were infringing. Oooh. Patents which, Calvin Klein fired back, shouldn’t have been given in the first place. Ahhh. But after a Lifetime movie marathon and a heart-melty yoga class they’re all friendsies now.

While the lulu “Astro” vs. CK “imposter” case may not have been on your front burner of things you could give a flart about, the outcome could have spelled a shift for the fashion industry and their hope for protecting designs, kind of like how in tech, Apple beat Samsung in court over gadgetry copycatting.

The official Lululemon response was this:

“We cannot comment on this case, as the terms of the settlement are confidential,” Lululemon said. “Lululemon values its products and related IP rights and takes the necessary steps to protect its assets when we see attempts to mirror our products.”

Translation: We are the Great Yoga Merchandising Machine. Step off, bitches!

And our butts lived happily ever after.

[thanks to blisstree.com for the image]



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  • Thank you for keeping us up to date on all things business, yoga and fashion YD

  • Irina

    boycott every company that patents anything yoga. buy from india or sew yourself. yoga is not for business, branding of yoga products contradicts yoga philosophy.

  • honomann

    Lululemon is the new republican party. Vote “no” to this product. Who the hell cares about John Galt?

  • Hui

    I wasn’t aware of this lawsuit, but it’s as hilarious as Apple suing Samsung over curved corners…

  • The Calvins are cuter & seem more practical, less baggy fabric to get in the way during practice.

  • Rip off or not, I don’t even like those pants…

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