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Comedy Web Series ‘Yoga Town’ Guest Stars Sarah McLachlan’s O-Face – Watch All 9 Episodes

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Are yoga web series the new reality dance shows coming to a TV near you? They could be! For now we’ll have to settle for the webby format.

Those of you who watched the first few episodes of Yoga Town know it’s pretty funny. And it’s a comedy, not reality, but you tell us you haven’t witnessed some of these yoga studio shenanigans yourself. Ahem.

Series writer, director and co-producer Jill Johnson recently shared her inspiration for Yoga Town and how her 13 years of practice through the changing times of yoga helped her mold the mockery (hint: today, it almost writes itself).

“It’s a franchise now. All of a sudden this yoga, which is supposed to be just within, quiet, meditative, do it on your own … it’s almost like Richard Simmons has taken over the yoga world.”

With a budget of $20,000, the 13 episodes were shot over the course of two days in Vancouver. Does Yoga Town have what it takes for a big girl yoga pants TV series?

They’ve had interest in the show from broadcasters, who are waiting to see how the first 13 episodes are received.

“If it goes that route it would be fantastic,” she said. “The show would get rewritten according to a 22-minute format. If the window was open, we would certainly do that.”

Get ready for your close up, yogasm!

The episodes are so mightily short (all timing in around two and a half minutes) that we thought we’d post all of them up til now so you can watch all 9 in a row. pssst. singer songwriter and yogini (she’s graced at least one Yoga Journal cover) “fucking Sarah Mclachlan” makes a special O-ppearance in the latest one.

New episodes are posted every Wednesday evening 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT. There are 4 more left. In the meantime, enjoy the first 9!

Episode 1: Willow’s Lament

Episode 2: Elijah Enters the House of Love

Episode 3: Male Bonding

Episode 4: Crisis Management

Episode 5: TLC

Episode 6: Amber Files

Episode 7: Tantric Love

Episode 8: Kidnapped

Episode 9: Sarah and the Yogasm



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  • tina

    Party pooper- am I alone in finding none of the[first eight]se funny? The world of yoga-as-commerce is replete with gag-worthy material- this just fell flat for me. Disappointing. “Yoga Girl” was funnier in one refrain, than 8x 2.5 minute clips. Or maybe I don’t get it?

    • Ally

      Yeah, same here. Disappointingly boring. It’s not really about the yoga world at all.

  • Thank you for sharing this! Spot-on and hilarious!

  • West Anson

    Hahaha! Very funny as each Webisode was a stereotypical parody of the modern American Yoga Studio, replete with faux Hindu Spirituality and the veneer of hypocritical Owners simply trying to “make a buck”. While not entirely true for all studios, a stereotypical parody nonetheless. Would it make a good TV Series? Probably not as the only people who would watch it would be Yoga people and so few of “us” have the ability of self-efficacy.

  • Odd AND not funny.

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