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Actor, Comic Russell Brand Wants to Heal the World with Yoga, New LA Studio

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The inevitable. Are we stepping our yogi toes into a new era of celebrity-owned yoga studios?

Here’s a bit of gossip we were all not so anxiously waiting for, partly because we’re naturally calm yogis who have techniques to quell that sort of excitement and partly because this bloke is totally mad. Madly in love with yoga! We’ll give him one thing, he’s certainly carving his own path and we don’t just mean with his Brit bo-hobo-yogi chic fashion sense. Russell Brand, comedian-actor-former sex and drug addict turned Katy Perry ex-husband turned born again yogi is ready to take his practice to the next level. He’s rumored to be enrolled in yoga teacher training with his guru Tej Kaur of LA’s Goldenbridge Yoga and has plans to open his own studio next spring.

Known for his dicey past, Brand is pulling a 180 with his Kundalini devotion and an increased and admirable interest in giving back.

Here’s what the infamously mysterious “source” had to say to the trusty UK Mirror:

‘He has this idea of an all-giving studio where teachers work for their own fulfillment and those in need such as the homeless and addicts in need of finding their spiritual soul.

Wonderful! But, uh, sounds like he won’t be paying his teachers. Did he read On the Merits of Not-For-Profit Yoga and Sustainability?

‘He wants to create his own mantra and take his teachings round the world like other ­renowned teachers he’s learned from in the past.

Hm, not like this guy (?)

‘It’s all part of his dream of building his own community and he would like to offer fre­e classes to those in need.

‘It would also include meditation, cooking classes, lectures and aromatherapy classes.’

Sounds like some lofty plans, but the Russells of the yoga world seem to leading the front on celebriyogi studio ventures so… Hey shouldn’t they just team up and exchange vegan fashion tips and biz over almond milk chai? Hm. There’s just something missing to complete the Russell trifecta. A yogi from down unda? Your move, Mr. Crowe.




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  • Uhhhh… another yoga studio in LA? Why not try taking yoga to a place where there isn’t a studio on every corner?

  • I guess the Ashtanga didn’t take with Russell.

  • honomann

    Fickle practitioner. Fickle yoga.

  • Good for you Mr Brand! Spread the authentic message of yoga… Break the studio trend and offer classes to those who would not be able to afford or would regularly attend a pricey and pretentious LA studio.

    Yoga is for all, and for me, personally, it would be a more interesting urban “scene” with teachers on every street corner and park teaching free classes… replacing the paid studios on every corner.

  • norman

    Russell is actually quite an amazing guy – check out this interview he did on ‘Newsnight’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYM7SzJMKns. It is quite astonishing…
    He has practiced a fair amount of yoga in London/UK over the years and credits his teacher in his first book (Leila Miller) – apparently long time ago he worked on reception at Triyoga. I wish him well. X

  • Me

    Russell is a phoney who will do, or say anything that gets him some cheap publicity – as a yoga teacher myself there I can see in this man that would translate into his becoming a worthwhile yoga teacher, unless he disappeared and worked diligently on his massive ego for an extended period of time.

  • me

    missed out “is nothing” on line 2

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