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Buck’s Naked Yoga Beauties

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Er, maybe not what you thought?

Are you a man looking to get into yoga, but completely overwhelmed by all your athletic clothing options? Intimidated by too many women in class? Have no fear of all that stretchy lycra and female antagonism, gentlemen – Buck Harris is here for you, and he’s got the answer to your yoga clothes conundrum. Just don’t wear any! About the ladies, something tells us you boys weren’t interested in them much anyway. (There will be no boner jokes.)

The aptly-named yoga teacher and owner of There’s No Place like Om studio (no ruby slippers necessary, apparently) was approached a few years ago with the idea to start a nude-asana class and the rest is history. “The way I explain it is if you’ve ever been skinny dipping, you’ll never want to wear a bathing suit again. It feels so comfortable, so natural,” said Harris. Nude yoga, no biggie, right?

There are a few different naked options for men from beginners to experienced, and women are also welcomed to join the co-ed “clothed yoga” classes at the Cleveland studio. Sorry ladies, if you were hoping to get buck wild and blissed out in the buff, it will just have to happen someplace else.

Harris’ blog promises a welcoming community among his naked students and suggests,”You’ll meet some of the nicest guys at class, and we frequently go out afterwards for a bite to eat so that you can get to know the other students.” There must be something about stretching naked together that really fosters an atmosphere of friendship. Hey bro, is that a banana and chia seed sandwich in your pocket or are you just happy about yoga? (ok, maybe one boner joke.)

Leave your pants and mind chatter at the door, fellas, and experience a new kind of freedom.




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  • no

  • Dave Heide

    there are also some co-ed clothing optional yoga classes available for those completely unabashedly cheerful.

  • Leslie

    Of all the things that could have disturbed me about this, # 1 on my list is the second guy from the left NOT SITTING ON A MAT!!! :-O

  • Colleen

    Yikes, I hope those mats are sanitized afterwards!!!!!

  • Tom Cornell

    I assume that yogis observe better hygiene than most, including the commenters here, so no worries! Don’t project.

  • including the commenters here, so no worries!


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