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Free Election Day Yoga, Does it Affect Your Vote?

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Did yoga affect your vote?

Lululemon, a company simultaneously linked to uniting yogis by sheer ubiquity of stretchy pants and dividing them by high price tags, historically questionable philosophies and marketing strategies, and a weird smiley, culty, clinginess combo, decided to stand between red and blue mats with their nonpartisan free yoga classes on election day.

The incredibly profitable butt-snugging brand sponsored over 40 free yoga classes at various studios in the DC area, reaching into Maryland and Virginia (and neglecting the rest of the country? Treachery! Not exactly, but surely a slap in the face of unbiased patriotism depriving the rest of the country of greatness in marketing tactics, no?* Lulu bless America.)

Anyway, to the lulu lollies, it’s about unity, not divisiveness. Take it from the east coast New Market Community Coordinator (whose job it is to rally the market and community):

“Within our team, we’re thinking about the divisiveness,” says Lululemon’s Carolyn Manning. “How do we create unity on a day that feels so my side, your side?”

With yoga, of course. And who can argue with free yoga? Unless your teacher was one of the non-flaccid political types, in which case, you better bring your O-face or your ear-Mitts. But Manning brings up another interesting point, besides being influenced by the soapbox yogis, would the practice itself affect your vote?

“What if you get up and practice before going to the polls? That’ll change your perspective on the day,” says Manning.

Clearer mind? More open, fluttery, squishy heart? Better patience to wait in line for eternity? OK, all fine. ((hugs))

Would it affect perspective and what’s more, the undecideds? Highly unlikely. Swing state yoga 2016? We’ll have Nate Silver crunch the numbers and get back to you.

*for reference, other marketing gimmicks: free pizza for life from Pizza Hut, coffee in blue Barack Obama or red Mitt Romney cups from 7-Eleven, free flights out of the country on JetBlue for voters whose presidential favorite loses. (more here)

Overall, has yoga affected your political stance?




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  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    Of course, it hasn’t affected my “stance.” Yoga, like Divine Grace, is beyond human comprehension and control. It serves all, without regard for political ideology or agenda. Embrace Yoga completely — and detach from Her completely, too. Be left-wing wing, right wing, centrist, liberal or conservative — political or a political. Yoga will still be there, regardless of your earthly fixations.

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