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Motorcycle Yoga: Guinness World Record for Most Yoga Poses, BikerYoga Goddesses [videos, photos]

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These photos of humans body-painted and scrunched up to look like motorcycles had us amazed and curious. We knew a yogadork or two enjoyed some biker yoga, but Googling “motorcycle yoga” we had no idea we were uncovering a treasure trove of hogwild yogis!

Exhibit A:  Yogaraj C P of India set the Guinness World Record for most consecutive yoga positions whilst driving a motorcycle in Mumbai, India on February 17, 2011. How many did he do? 23! Just 3 short to gain Bikram’s interest. Now motorcycle yoga might be something we’d look for in the Olympics, or the Bikram Y-Games more likely.


Exhibit B: Slightly less thrilling, biker Gary and yoga teacher Larissa team up to bring us Biker Yoga, offering stretches and tips on how to stay loose on the road. Also, what it looks like when a biker and a yoga teacher fall in love. Aw. Unfortunately, Gary and Larissa did not follow through with their promise to give us more than one video of Biker Yoga tips.

Exhibit C: The books! Too bad Motorcycle Yoga, Meditative Rides through India is out of print, but you can get it used.

Here’s a review:

India, the world’s oldest civilization, is also home of the Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest name in motorcycles made today. If you have ever longed to voyage to this land of kings and yogis, Lords Krishna and Shiva, then hop on a Bullet and join Miles Davis on his thrilling ride in search of Motorcycle Yoga – Kevin Mahoney, President, Classic Motorworks

But, this book by Lisa Haneberg appeals to the ladies and is still very much up for grabs: Motorcycle Yoga: Way to Make Motorcycle Touring More Comfortable and Safe 

Description via Amazon.com:

Motorcycle touring can be a pain in the neck – and shoulders, and knees, and hands, and butt! I want you to enjoy your ride by being more comfortable and safe. This is a book about the physical aspects of motorcycle touring where I share my Motorcycle Yoga routine and offer suggestions for how to prepare your body for a long motorcycle trip.

Exhibit D: An article like this one reprises the encouragement of yoga for bikers to promote increased mental awareness and stronger core strength. Sitting ain’t easy, especially on a moving vehicle with two wheels.

Exhibit E: Someone‘s awesome dad.

In closing we honor the woman who’s considered in the motorcycle world as the original biker yoga lady, Kathy Lee Kappmeier. K.Lee passed away in 2009 but her legend lives on.

caption: “on my way to Graceland doing “KingDancer” pose in honor of Elvis”

From her myspace page:

What do you get when a girl grows up discovering yoga & motorcycles are both powerful therapies ? You get a great yoga teacher who considers the thunder of a v-twin engine one of her most healing mantras. You get a professional educator, author, and therapist who uses yoga as a vehicle for herself and others to live and ride longer. You get a goddess of Biker Yoga ! Roads less traveled are both outside the gates of your comfort zone and inside the gates of your spirit’s purpose. These life gates are connections for well-being. The doors of your heart & soul when open let you thrive in your journeys.

There was supposedly a BikerYoga Goddesses 2007 calendar but it’s nowhere to be found except in mostly tiny myspace thumbnails:

RIP K.Lee 1964 – 2009. Viva la bikeryoga goddesses.



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