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How Many Yogis Does It Take to Make a Human Motorcycle? [photos]

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What do you get when you cross yogis, professional body painters and the Progressive International Motorcycle Show? Human motorcycles!

In the name of art and spectacle, creative ad agency i.d.e.a. came up with the crazy idea to paint female yogis and bend them into yogi Lincoln logs for this Human Motorcycle series where professional bodypainter Trina Merry transformed them into a sport bike, dirt bike and cruiser.

Why yogis? Why because they’re bendy and strong and look more like dirt bikes than anyone else! Also, it’s harder than you think to hold handle bar pose. Or as the professional, Trina, puts it:

“It’s really important to know – how does a body bend? What muscles in that person’s body are strong, what are their personal attributes that make them so key to that engine or that wheel or that handle bar. Everybody is so important in their shapes that are just natural to them.”

See? We knew something good had to come from all this yoga stuff. narf.

When you watch the video and the process it’s actually pretty neato and insane.

How many yogis does it take to make a human motorcycle? It’s a little like guessing how many jelly beans in the jar. You will want to click to enlarge.

See more of Trina’s work here. It really is rather beautiful and there are even a few sneak camo child’s poses.



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