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NBC Comedy ‘Up All Night’ Gets Its Yoga Episode

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NBC’s Thursday night comedies have had their fair share of yoga episodes, what with 30 Rock‘s meditation stool-sitter Liz Lemon and Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson radiating mindfulness, but it took several seasons deep to arrive. Newish show Up All Night (Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph) welcomes yoginess in just its sophomore season. Yes, yoga is hip enough for season two!

The show revolves around married couple Reagan (Applegate) and Chris (Arnett) trying to adjust to their new life as parents. Let the jokes unfold! In this latest episode the two try to take back their Saturday date night, meanwhile Reagan’s good pal Ava (Rudolph) takes on dating partner Jerry who is not only ‘that guy’ but ‘that yoga guy’ bragging about his buddy the wailing sitar player and naming the double daters “The Four Horseman of the Chillpocalypse.” He’s the kind of guy who won’t stop praising the benefits of kombucha and can’t fall asleep without his energy scarf and the sounds of Krishna Das.

Here’s a snippit:

Ava:  Oh God. Jerry and I just had the most exhilarating hot yoga sesh.

Jerry: It’s the best yoga studio in all of LA. My buddy Kresh plays live sitar there and today he was just wailing…[plays wailing mouth sitar]

Ava is clearly smitten with her new yoga bro and gets cute with the lingo:

Ava:  I think he’s my satsang.

Reagan:  What’s satsang?

Ava:  It’s yoga for truth company.

Chris:  His sad song says so much.

Zing! We will never hear that Elton John song the same again.

Later on in the episode the couples double date for a cemetery movie night where the feature happens to be a Bollywood film and Ava and Jerry are dressed in their finest Hindi garb. Can you feel the love tonight?

Watch the whole episode here.



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