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The Day Martha Stewart Paused Grand Central for a Yoga Class Sponsored by JC Penney

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Ever wonder what it would be like to take a yoga class with the domestic force that is Martha “it’s a good thing” Stewart? We wouldn’t want to have our alignment critiqued by the grand dame of perfection. A brave soul, Katherine Rosman, donned her thickest annamaya kosha to satisfy her curiosity and report back from an early morning yoga sesh with M. Diddy herself.

“If the idea of witnessing the world’s most perfect perfectionist urging uncritical self-reflection upon the masses doesn’t command the attention of a yoga columnist, I’m not sure what does,” Rosman wrote in her Wall Street Journal report from the mat.

The 7am yoga class at NYC’s busy Grand Central Terminal was part of a two day event “Martha Stewart Made in America” featuring panel discussions with the likes of Mickey Drexler, Calvin Klein and fellow designer yogi Diane von Furstenberg. The mats were provided by your new favorite department store yoga studio J.C. Penney. Were they made in America?

For those of you playing at home can you guess which style of yoga Lady Martha prefers? It starts with I and ends with grrr. Senior Iyengar teacher (and Stewart’s instructor for over a decade) James Murphy was also on hand to lead the two dozen or so students. Can the woman of steel wool actually relax on the mat?

“Here,” he [Murphy] said, motioning to a yoga mat, “is the one place she gets to let go.”

You can watch a few videos of it here.

Yoga: what Holly Madison, Martha Stewart and Amy Poehler can talk about stuck in an elevator together.



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  • why wasn’t yodadork invited to this press event? would have loved your first-hand take on it. although the WSJ yoga columnist did a pretty good job.

    • YD

      early morning yoga class at one of the busiest hubs of nyc during rush hour? nah thanks 🙂

  • And how I wish Martha could come to my yoga class here in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Fb: http://www.facebook.com/YogaWithAstrid)

  • Siri

    To bad you don’t even mention the teachers name James Murphy he’s strong clear teacher of Iyengar yoga physical and medical practice.credit should be given to him not Martha Stewart.

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