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Former Playboy Model Holly Madison is a Prenatal Yoga Momma

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Public Display of Yoga.

It’s like you can’t go a day without tripping over another Playboy playmate doing yoga in the park, especially with all that bulky camera equipment. Yes, it’s Holly Madison, former Playboy bunny, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, star of Vegas topless burlesque show “Peepshow” and she’s pregnant. In the park. Doing yoga. You know, like she does. And hey, we support preggerasana efforts.

Baby daddy is boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, who is probably the one who convinced the sexy workaholic to quit performing her show by December 30th when she’ll be six months pregnant. So, if you’re into pregnant, topless burlesque dancers who do yoga, boy have we got the show for you. Bring the whole fam.

Last year Holly famously insured her breasts for $1 million which leads us to ask two questions. First, does that make baby a liability? Second, why does every paparazzi Tree Pose shot have to have the foot in ouch knee position? Also, socks.




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  • the socks. who yogas in socks? and are those tellatubby socks?

  • Foot on knee, pointing her toe and performing an unsupported back bend while pregnant…..These are don’ts.

    Foot on knee is obvious. Unsupported backbending will overly strain the low back which is already softened and strained. Pointing the toe can lead to the very annoying and painful leg cramping common to pregnancy.

    She is fit and healthy, but no poster child for prenatal yoga. 🙂

    • Kaitlin

      So glad someone said this.

  • Yoga Divina (@yogadivina)

    At least it got us looking!

  • Richard Koffler

    And her hips and torso on Warrior 2 are not well aligned. This girl needs some serious instruction, but she’s certainly a poster child for yoga, so it’s all good (but someone please refer her to a good yoga teacher).

    • SSYS

      She also seems to be looking the wrong direction in her WII…

      • Alice

        You can actually look at the front or back hand in Warrior II. When I’m teaching I have my students look in one direction for five breaths and then look back fror another five. It feels different on the neck and it gives a new perspective. After a few years of always looking one way or starting with one side in ashtanga, it’s nice to mix things up!

  • bo

    Although all of the alignment notes are true, this is clearly a photo shoot, and she is posing. Not like yoga posing, but looking pretty for the camera posing, it is a completely different sport.

    Unlike yoga where anatomy matters, for photo ops, only what looks good matters, so toes get pointed for a prettier line, and necks get twisted so the face catches the light right.

    The socks however, I cannot explain. Nor can I explain the tree knee thing. That drives me nuts!

  • Chris

    In case you were wondering what Paris Hilton had been up to :

    She’s been busy bonding with Ganesha in Mumbai :


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