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Russell Crowe Keeps Yoga-ing Post Breakup

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Latest celebrity gossip tells us that brawny actor Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer are in splitsville after nine years of marriage. Bummer.

But don’t be too upset, the two have been on the outs privately for a year and according to the prenup and Crowe’s seven movies coming out next year everyone will end up a-ok. Also, rumor has it Spencer may have moved on with her Dancing With the Stars partner while Russell moves on with yoga. And we all know how well heartthrobs recover from heartbreak with yoga.

Turns out Russell is talking yoga all over the twitterplace, keeping us updated on his post-workout yoga status.


Russicuss shared that he’s been into the practice for the past eight years. That’s post Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind and pre-Cinderella Man.

Hm, yoga for eight years and in a marriage that’s ending after nine? (Also he happened to turn 40 eight years ago, and without making any midlife yoga fairy visit assumptions…)

In any case, we’re happy the New Zealand teddy bear bad boy is getting his “active” meditation in. Temper tantrums in the past have gotten you into some trouble Russell, dear! Breathe it out.




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