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This Week In Yoga: Hospital Kids Yoga, Football Anger Management, Desikachar Scandal

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Happy new moon! We kinda can’t believe it’s mid-October already.

This is where we ask you if you have your Halloween costume yet. We know, scary right?! But if you’ve been a lurker for a while you’d know it also means we’re drawing closer to the annual YD Halloween Photo Contest. Boo-ya.

See above for last year’s winner Creepy Curious George in Astavakrasana with Towering Tree Man in the Yellow Hat. Stay tuned for the official announcement and details!

You know what else is scary? All the news we have to catch up on.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

First, YD pal Tamara Levitt is asking for some help in launching her children’s book Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands. It’s the final days to contribute, so check it out if you think kids can benefit from the teachings of yoga.

Speaking of yoga helping kids: NYC’s Beth Israel Hospital Opens Yoga Classes to All Kids

You should probably know about this great program bringing yoga to teen girls. YoGirls Program: Academia-worthy Yoga for Minority Teen Girls in NYC

But, uh, yoga helps big kids, too. Especially ones who hit things for a living. Football Player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Tries Yoga to Channel Anger

For the not so good news:

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already heard, more scandal has struck the yoga community in the form of sexual misconduct. Read on. Kausthub Desikachar, Krishnamacharya’s Grandson, Accused of Sexual, Mental and Emotional Abuse

Even ex-mayors need self-improvement. This guy is doing it wrong. When Not to Splurge: Corrupt Mayor Uses Nonprofit Funds for Yoga Lessons

And here’s a headline you probably never asked to read: Pope’s Butler Who Leaked Official Papal Documents in ‘Vatileaks’ Scandal Researched Yoga, Buddhism

And now for something fun! One of these brit fit fellas tried yoga when his heart was broken. Can you guess which one?

YogiQuotes: Who Said It? Brit Pop Singer Ladykiller Edition

Rounding out TWIY:

The classic and the teaser for a new yogamentary. ‘Yoga: The Ultimate Freedom’ Documentary Teaser and 1976 BKS Iyengar Original

Tech nerd alert. How the Lenovo ‘Yoga’ Laptop Got Its Cool Name

Pop blossom Xtina. Christina Aguilera Goes the Way of the ‘Lotus’ for New Album

We’re not there yet, but if we get to Y! Weather Channel Makes ‘Yogi’ a Winter Storm Name (If We Get to Y)

Stay warm!

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