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When Not to Splurge: Corrupt Mayor Uses Nonprofit Funds for Yoga Lessons

in YD News

Now you’ll never hear us saying mayors shouldn’t do yoga, especially mayors of major cities like Detroit, but draining funds from your nonprofit to support your Down Dog is a low down dirty shame. 12 days of testimony into the trial of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick did not end with an Om but with an Ugh.

Kilpatrick faces a laundry list of charges (33 to be exact) including racketeering, bribery, extortion, mail fraud and tax evasion. But if that weren’t enough, checks were found showing the former mayor used money from his Civic Fund, intended to help children, to pay for his own yoga lessons in 2002. $4000 worth!

That’s a lot, and he wasn’t even shopping Lululemon. Hey, we’re all for self-improvement but someone needs to tell this guy there are some better ways to go about it. There are even by-donation studios out there. Oh, but you have to give the donation, not take it.




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  • Vision_Quest2


    Yoga has become a commodity with cachet … same as reading about corrupt politicians financing nights on the town, bottle service, even political junkets …

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