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How the Lenovo ‘Yoga’ Laptop Got Its Cool Name

in YD News

It’s not just winter storms getting the yogi naming love. You can now get your yoga in the form of flexible gadgetry! The new Lenovo “Yoga” is a  Windows laptop with a neato screen that bends over backward 360 degrees from a special hinge to effectively create a tablet. Laptops, they’re just like us!

How did the Lenovo crew come up with the hip and catchy name? CMO David Roman says it was only natural. Via Mashable:

“Yoga was actually the code name,” he says, “but the code name was so logical — it was just a perfect fit — that it ended up becoming the real name. And it was justifiable to have a name [as opposed to a number] because it really is a new category.”

Fascinating. And everyone’s thrilled because “Yoga” marks the end of boringly named tech products at Lenovo because, honestly, they just haven’t been “up to snuff.” From here on out it’s only cool names drawn from what the kids are into. We look forward to the “Hula Hoop” and the “Tattoo.”



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