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NYC’s Beth Israel Hospital Opens Yoga Classes to All Kids

in YD News

Undue stress is a dirty old thing, but damn it if it doesn’t keep getting younger. Kids are feeling the effects of stress more than we think. Luckily we have a superpower for that! Well, we have yoga. And awesomely it also helps get kids moving, get them focused and get them feeling altogether better about themselves.

And we’re grateful for folks who recognize these benefits, like those at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC who have opened up their weekly kids yoga classes, originally designed for 4 to 13 year olds with attention deficit disorder and autism, to all the chillin’s. The class is led by Jivamukti teacher Jillian Friedman.

Beth Israel’s Dr. Asma Sadiq weighs in on those darn kids today:

“Our kids are overstimulated. The amount of screen time, television, video games, noise. I think the focus on the breath, particularly, and the mindfulness piece of yoga is something that is very powerful.”

She continues:

“The yoga practice really helps kids focus. It helps bring them into their bodies. They’re aware of their bodies and the boundaries of their bodies, and what they’re capable of.”

And really who needs doctors to tell you about kids what an 11-year-old can:

“I’m very stressed out with the new school year coming,” 11-year-old Michael O’Brien said during his first yoga class. “I thought this would soothe my body.”

High-five, kiddo.

By the way, Beth Israel is also where cancer patients can find some zen with the Donna Karan sponsored cancer wing offering yoga and a more holistic body and spirit approach to care.

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