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Christina Aguilera Goes the Way of the ‘Lotus’ for New Album

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Taking it one step further than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke shaking his shakti, pop growler Christina Aguilera is inspired by the pretty flower (and no clothes, apparently), naming her new album ‘Lotus.’ Not exclusively reserved to yogadorks, of course, the lotus image is certainly prominent in yogic traditions (see: most yoga studios in your proximate area). The lotus is a flower that blossoms beautifully from the muck and the mud. Hm. Is she trying to tell us something?

Is she a yogi? We’d like to think so. Something tells us if Katy Perry is getting cozy with her alpha waves and chakras then Xtina is most likely influenced by the philosophy, at the very least. We’ll have to wait for the album to drop this November to pick up on any other yogitones. YD virtual listening party? Clothing optional?



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