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Pope’s Butler Who Leaked Official Papal Documents in ‘Vatileaks’ Scandal Researched Yoga, Buddhism

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Pope Benedict XVI in classic Pope-asana

Add this to the ‘Weird, what?’ file.

This just in: Yoga research found in Pope leaked documents scandal. Weird. What? The Pope has a butler? The Vatican is embroiled in a scandal? We thought that was reserved for yoga! (sigh) So to catch you up on this papal scandalonious, Pope Benediect’s XVI butler Paolo Gabriele confessed to leaking official and private Pope-y documents to Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi “because he wanted to expose the ‘evil and corruption’ in the church to help put it back on the right path.” Jesus! As you can imagine the Vatican is not taking this kneeling down.

But the plot thickens! During the search of Gabriele’s apartment, Vatican Police found hundreds of thousands of documents, 1,000 of which were original or photocopied Vatican documents. The rest? Why, papers concerning “…esoteric religious issues and academic research into Freemasonry, Christianity, Buddhism, yoga and politicians, as well as the Vatican Bank.” That’s yoga comma politicians, not yoga and politicians, which could surely be its own category as well if you ask Seane Corn or Bikram.

Researching Buddhism and yoga, eh? Sounds dangerous. There will obviously be some consequences to Gabriele’s confession and it will likely require more than a few Hail Mary’s. But considering yoga is satanic according to the Chief Vatican Exorcist we’re afraid this guy could be in for a real reckoning not even a “Korean Houdini” could squirm his way out of.

Which reminds us, we apologize for the delay in production of YD originial movie The Devil Wears Yoga Pants. Rest assured the sequel, The DaVishnu Code: Escape from Papel-asana is already in the works.




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