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This Week In Yoga: Fat-Shaming, Lady Gaga, Bullying and Your Brain on Meditation

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This just in: it’s not summer anymore. In fact, it’s October. We made it! Not only that, we survived the crazy full moon this weekend. Congratulations! There’s so much to cover this week since last week we were kidnapped by garden gnomes with a yoga fetish and couldn’t report TWIY. We learned a lot from those stone-cold sitting masters. They sure are little nature loving pranksters. For instance, dirt pies for breakfast might sound tasty, but they’re not. We’re glad we’re back…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Giveaway! Time to stretch your schlumpy shoulders and mousey paws! YD Giveaway: Yoga for Computer Users by Sandy Blaine

Your YogaPop Fix:

Nice limbs, old chap! Here’s Prince Charles Doing Tree Pose With Amputee Marine [photo]

Living, breathing cupcake Katy Perry Goes On Spiritual Quest of Meditation and Clearing Chakras

Are you ready for some football and YOGA? ESPN Does NFL Countdown Yoga

You know Kim Kardashian? This is not her. Kourtney Kardashian Mommy Blogs About Prenatal Yoga and It’s Not As Annoying As It Sounds

Queen of the Little Monsters responds to some terrible comments about her gaining weight. Promptly starts a revolution. Lady Gaga Responds to ‘Fat’ Criticism With Underwear Yoga Photos, Launch of ‘Body Revolution’

On that same note, this incredibly candid article has us cheering for self-love. A YD Must Read of the Week On Doing Yoga While Fat and Falling In Love With Yourself

If yoga can help stop fat-shaming what else can we do with it? Can Yoga Help Stop Bullying?

Of course, many still think yoga is from Satan! Yoga: Religious or Spiritual? Priest Bans Yoga From Church as ‘Incompatible with Catholic Faith’

NERD Corner

FEED Your BRAIN Your Brain On Meditation [infographic]

Oh yes, Darth Vader breathers, this is the real thing. Star Wars Yoga is Really a Real Thing in Portland

Where we learned what our vachakra is (hint: it’s private) Watch All Three Episodes of Funny Web Series About Yogic Healer ‘Georgia’
Aww…can not resist the sweetness Adorable Kitten Loves Vinyasa Flow Yoga (video)
Last, but not least, you can’t make this stuff up: Sukhasana Redemption: Korean Yoga Master Escapes Prison through Food Slot
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