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Star Wars Yoga is Really a Real Thing in Portland

in YD News

We’ve probably all heard of “Darth Vader” breath, but nerdy yogis, this is your father.

It could have been just a fantasy from a galaxy far, far away, but Bryan Miller, influenced by this Star Wars Yoga spoof, decided to bring the Yoda and Yoga connection to asana-riffic reality. What started as a joke turned into a real weekly 90-minute mens only class (lady fans, you’ll have to start your own) to encourage the local dudes to practice, because as we all know Portland is full of Star Wars obsessed super nerds.

The class is “a little bit of hatha with a lot of George Lucas” (thanks Joe Donlon) and features Star Wars influenced poses like Upward Facing Wookie and Princess Leia pose.

“Yoda fits so well into this mind-body connection,” said Bryan, who failed to use proper Yoda-speak, which really has us questioning his true commitment to the force. In any case, way to let your yogadork flag fly, Bryan! Next stop, Comic Con?

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back




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