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Sukhasana Redemption: Korean Yoga Master Escapes Prison through Food Slot

in World News, YD News


Korean yoga master Choi Gap-Bok made a daring escape from his detention cell in the city of Daegu on Monday. While being held in detention for suspicion of robbery, Gap-Bok took a leaf from Andy Dufrane’s book by using pillows to throw the guards off his scent and escaping to freedom through the cell’s food slot (see above photo).

Deemed the “Korean Houdini” by the media, the slinky outlaw had been practicing yoga for 23 years while in prison and somehow managed to fit his 5’4 body through a food slot measuring 6” x 18 “. While all three police officers were asleep, 50-year-old Choi lubed himself up with skin ointment and slithered his way through the cell bars in just 34 seconds.

“He escaped from the prison cell in less than a minute after moving flexibly like an octopus,” a police investigator told reporters after reviewing footage from a prison surveillance camera.

A Korea doctor, puzzled, explains that the average adult male head is larger than 15-centimeres, the height of the gap Choi escaped from, and that his skull should have dented when passing through.

As they say, Andy Dufrane crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. Gap-Bok, however, did not make it to Mexico. He was apprehended after six days on the run and returned to a jail cell with an even smaller food slot.

His achievement may make American prison systems think twice about integrating yoga programs for inmates, or at least keep a tighter grip on doling out that body ointment.




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  • Sadly, there was a prison escape attempt last week at the juvenile prison (Echo Glen in Snoqualmie, WA) where I teach yoga through Yoga Behind Bars. Many will say that yoga is a luxury these students don’t deserve now, but after having shared yoga with maximum security incarcerated teens for a couple of years, I have seen the calming, life-changing effects for these youth. A little love and yoga can indeed bring peace, dignity, courage, and humility. There is nothing like witnessing abused and neglected children understanding, for perhaps the first time, that they are divine souls worthy of love. Heartfelt prayers are needed for broken-hearted, scared children behind bars and for a change of heart (rehabilitation) for those who have no understanding of right and wrong. Yoga is wonderful mindfulness and character training.

    Love your blog,

  • He should share his practice.

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