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What Your Yoga Teacher Really Does During Savasana

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You sink down, your body yoga’d and ready for the sweet stillness of savasana. Ahhhh…BUT, what is your teacher doing all that time?? Oh you know, just taking care of business!

Or maybe it’s more like this!

Thanks to YogaTrail for this yoga funny.



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  • Wouldnt you like to know?

    Usually, I look for excess tension in the feet or hands or wherever. If the student seems receptive I will offer adjustments. Otherwise meditate and project and be thankful that I get to do this job.

  • Ha ha, I did a bit like this several years ago ( without the graphics 😉


  • Chris

    Shav-Asana requires just much, if not more, supervision and guidance from the Yoga-Instructor as any other Asana !

    So, what the diligent Yoga-Instructor should be doing is to guide and talk his / her students, all through their Shavasana, so that the Shavasana achieves its objective of detachment of the mind, and purging it of tension and worries. Left to themselves, most students struggle to come anywhere even close to this objective.

    Shav-Asana : Nap-time for Yoga-kids, it’s not !

    • Laura

      But my favorite yoga teacher refers to it as nap time! And suggests we get cookies and milk afterwards. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the cooooonstant talking through the pose. I’m suppose to be letting go, hard to do if someone is talking the entire time.

    • Karin

      I agree that a bit of talking or adjusting is helpful to get the students to realize where they need to relax more and let go, but then silence is best for them. Maybe instruct them to watch their breath, but then the teacher should be silent and allow them to experience savasana. Constant talking prevents them from truly turning inward. This is just my humble opinion. Namaste.

  • mumru

    one time i was shocked to find my yoga teacher changed into her normal clothes after getting up from our savasana! she put on her clothes while we were lying down. boots and all. never went back to her class again!

    • Laura

      Seriously? That’s ridiculous.

  • A couple of times I’ve seen the teacher leave to go down the hall to use the restroom. I find that oddly endearing.

  • Karin

    I make the rainbows…

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