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Katy Perry Goes On Spiritual Quest of Meditation and Clearing Chakras

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Not to be out yoga’d by her ex-hubs Russell Brand, human-sized cupcake Katy Perry has joined the Eat, Pray, Love movement and set off on a “spiritual quest” to meditate, climb volcanos, and get “some shit” out of her chakras, or so she tweeted out to her 26.7 million twitter followers.

Two days earlier her twitter status read: “Starting the day with a group meditate #breakfastofchampions.” Sounds like a break from the lime light and little trip a la Elizabeth Gilbert with a smartphone will do the candy-coated star some good.

Meanwhile, yog-enthused Russell Brand is busy traipsing around LA yoga studios, dating fellow yogis, becoming Yogi Spice with Geri Halliwell and getting chakra tattoos. The couple who married in 2010 with a traditional Indian wedding procession and the whole kirtan and kaboodle including elephants, sitars and sacred Vedic chanting, divorced after just 14 months of marriage.

Will Katy’s musical endeavors evolve from sweet candy to om shanti? We’ll see! Or maybe we’ll have to wait for the memoir.



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