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This Week In Yoga: Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein, John Friend Returns, Amy Poehler Talks Smart Yoga

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In the same week NYC banned supersized sugary beverages and modern science recognized acupuncture as a legitimate means of pain relief, John Friend made his ambitious return to the yoga teaching world and new technology was revealed that could threaten the need for live, in-person yoga teachers and classes. It’s like the universe is conspiring to make us all healthy, soda-free, pain-free, Friend-less homebodies! Your yoga pants may never get to see the light of blazing solar flames. You win some, you lose some.

It was a new moon over the weekend, so if you were looking to shed your unwanted and unnecessary patterns and processes, you’re in luck. New moons are good excuses to begin new routines and let go of worthless things like self-destructive behavior and that 32oz coke habit. Not sure where to start? Talk about sticky sweetness, it’s yoga news time. Get on your magic mats!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

The yoga pants war wages on! But did you know the future of fashion could be dangling by the patented seams of your luon? Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein Over Rip-Off Yoga Pants Could Change Fashion Forever

He’s baaaaack. New website, new teaching schedule, entirely (sorta)new teaching style, and NO Anusarans in sight. Maybe we’ll get our Magic ‘Roots’land after all? Too soon? John Friend Returns to Teaching, Introduces New ‘Roots’ Asana Sequence, Book Plans

But hey, it won’t be long before we’re all yogaing at home with weird high-tech tank tops and technology that tells us when our heart isn’t open enough, anyway. New Tech Tool, Kinobi, Will Teach You Yoga So Your Yoga Teacher Doesn’t Have To

Kitty Crimes: Come On, YogueYour side plank brings all the down dogs to the yard. Don your shiny gold spandex unitard and Jane Fonda sweatband for this one! Come On, Yogue: Kitty Crimes ‘Gets All Queer On Some Yoga’ (video)

It’s the latest edition of YD’s Who Said It? Which rocker does yoga before going on stage: A. Mick Jagger B. Adam Levine C. Billie Joe Armstrong D. Iggy Pop? Hint: he’s got the moves. YogiQuotes: Guess Who Said It? Pop and Rock It Edition

Meet the new new Guinness World Record holder for oldest yoga teacher. Her name is Ida and she’s awesome! 96-Year-Old Ida Herbert Named Guinness World Records’ Oldest Yoga Teacher

More awesomeness. Did you miss Amy Poehler day? We deemed last Friday as such when were made aware of all the amazing self-empowerment and positive body image boosting the actress and comedienne is promoting to young girls, and ladies of all ages, really.

Here she is on her webseries “Smart Girls at the Party” interviewing third grader Anna about her love of yoga. Smart Girls: Amy Poehler Interviews 9-Year-Old About Yoga

Sesame Street cuteness can not be denied. Amy Poehler and Elmo Talk Yoga, Mostly Dance

Amy and Ida: tied for YD heros of the week!

Now go hug yourself and thank your yoga teacher.

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