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Bikram Choudhury to Pose for Nevada Congresswoman at $1000 VIP Reception

in YD News

It’s an election year, so it’s not unusual to find a hot-headed, sound-bite spouting, zoot suit-wearing party leader stumping for a candidate. Naturally, Bikram Choudhury can’t pass up the opportunity! A tipster sent in this VIP invite for an exclusive event this coming weekend hosted by “World Famous Yoga Guru” himself, B Chou, at his private suite. Representing the asana competition platform (see what we did there?) Bikram will be on hand this Saturday, September 23rd in support of Democratic candidate for Senate, Las Vegas Congresswoman Shelley Berkley.

Because the man just can not stay away from scandal, it only makes sense that Berkley is currently embroiled in an inconvenient ethics investigation over the source for push for legislation that helped keep her husband’s dialysis centers from closing last year. Yeah, who knows. Politics.

Bikram is no stranger to campaign contributions. In 2010 he donated $25k to help re-elect Jerry Brown for California Governer.

Nevertheless, for $1000 a pop you could be treated to a grand afternoon of outrageous arrogance and Rolls Royce bragging repertoire (seriously, when will he get spoofed on SNL?) and get your photo taken with the yoga mobster! We applaud Mr. Choudhury for donating(?) his time and good looks for something he believes in, though we have a creeping feeling Lady Berkley has some crazy ties to the Olympics committee, or at the very least, megaton ball zoning laws.

Uncle Bikram Choudhury Sam. No word yet on his plans for presidential-branded Bikram bootie pants.



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