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Smart Girls: Amy Poehler Interviews 9-Year-Old About Yoga

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Smart Girls Doing Yoga!

Meet 9-year-old Anna, “yogini, inventor, philosopher, humanitarian, gravity-defyer and chocolate lover” and featured guest on comedienne and yoga fan Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls at the Party” internet show created to “celebrate extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.” Awesome! On this episode from season one, Amy interviews Anna about her favorite way to find balance: yoga!

Thanks to IAYB and Ms. Magazine for the heads up.

Other episodes cover topics like body image and girls of the world, and they even a boys minute. Way to go, girls. Dance party!

More about the show at www.smartgirlsattheparty.com and the Smart Girls youtube channel.

Try your best and try harder!

This one is a must watch. Pass it on.



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  • forsakinghalfloves

    I love that Amy talks to Anna without being condescending; she’s genuinely interested with what this awesome person has to share and say.

  • Janet

    Amy is a wonderful role model for girls and I applaud her initiative to help address girls on the issue of self-image and body image. We need more of that.

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