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Amy Poehler and Elmo Talk Yoga, Mostly Dance

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Amy Poehler and Elmo Talk Yoga, Mostly DanceIt’s hard not to love Amy Poehler, star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and apparent palsy walsy of Sesame Street’s Elmo. Not to mention she hosts an online web series promoting self-empowerment and positive body image for young girls, and she is a yogi!

This short and adorable clip wins her extra YD comedy and cuteness points.

Elmo: Miss Amy, how do you like to exercise?

Amy: Oh, I just usually do Ashtanga yoga on the Malibu beach at sunrise.

Elmo: A-wha?

Amy: Nevermind. I also like to dance to music!



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  • Monica

    Amy rocks!!

  • Now I remember seeing her in a scene where she did Ashtanga’s Astavakrasana and its vinyasa in Baby Mama!

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