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Come On, Yogue: Kitty Crimes ‘Gets All Queer On Some Yoga’ (video)

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Kitty Crimes: Come On, Yogue

We’ve seen our share of “Yoga Girls” and “Shit New Age Girls Say,” but we have to admit this is the first openly queer “hip-hip” music video we’ve witnessed that is as hipsterifficly fashionable as it is sanskrittingly educational. Introducing “Yogue Out” from self-proclaimed “queer ass” rapper Kitty Crimes, straight out of Denver.

“So if you think you got strength like your shit don’t stank, side plank,” is totally the new Kelis “Milkshake.”

“And if the boys all gawk when you out for a walk down dog, down dog. And if you know you got prana when you work your mulabhanda, chaturanga, chaturanga, chaturanga. dandasana.”

Kitty Crimes, who has been through a few musical manifestations herself, describes her latest foray into rap:

My music is partially a commentary on hip pop, and partially an extension of my passion to make rap music, which began when I was thirteen learning “Bombs Over Baghdad” word for word. I make references of a metaphysical nature, with both a light heart and a desire to introduce vocabulary promoting the awareness of subtle energy to the general public.

About “Yogue Out,” which may help clear up a few things, or not:

I recently came out with a music video (directed by Keely Skyy) for the song YOGUE OUT.. which essentially is a bordering satire about queers (I am queer) doing yoga, which is not to say that my vision for the whole project is a total joke, but perhaps humor is an important factor to my music the same way it applies to me in the grand scheme of things.



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