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Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein Over Rip-Off Yoga Pants Could Change Fashion Forever

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Distraught over the latest shakeup in the yoga pants world? OMG. Us either. But, it’s an interesting side effect of this burgeoning and competitive yoga (pants) industry. Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has put the feud in perspective with the help of an infographic. Exhibit A: Lululemon “Astro” pants compared to CK “imposter.”

And lest we pass this off as some silly snag in the seams of yoga fashion, WSJ shares just how serious this is: “The fashion industry’s latest hope for protecting its designs may hang on a slimming pair of yoga pants.” Cue horror movie shriek.

Because it’s not just about patented waistbands, it’s about ideas, people! Because Lululemon did something out of the ordinary and patented their designs, with something known as, you guessed it, a design patent. Calvin Klein got cute about it and were consequently sued. If Lululemon wins, it could pave the way for future designers to make patent claims on their duds.

And so, the future of fashion hangs on the threads of luon!

Don’t believe us? Watch these smart looking guys talk about it.



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  • I fear for the future of butt-hugging fold over pants, yoga and otherwise.

  • I kind of doubt Lulu will win this one, this smacks of something that shouldn’t have been patented in the first place. All Calvin Klein needs to do is find a prior art example. Then again, this is the USA so anything is possible in lawyer land.

  • candace

    wait…there are yoga pants that are $19.99????? i feel like i’ve been missing something this whole time.

  • honomann

    Lululemon is the Bikram of Lululemon is the Bikram of Lululemon is the Bikram of….

  • Cyndy

    In the end, you get what you pay for and Lululemon does it better. Pants are pricey, but most are reversible so it’s like getting two pairs in one.

    • charmaine

      I love a lot of lululemons stuff but not most of their pants or material. I seriously think if you are dishing out $100 for a pair of pants they should not start pilling or show any wear after a few washes. That is bs in my books! I buy nikes because you can wear and wash them 100 times and they still look great!

      • Saundra

        I agree. Mine totally pilled. Rubbish brand. Not quality for money!

  • “Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein Over Rip-Off Yoga Pants Could
    Change Fashion Forever – YogaDork” savryshare ended up being a very good article and therefore I actually was very pleased to find the blog post.
    Thanks for your time,Rozella

  • Cyndy

    I agree that some LuLu pants do pill more. My heathered gray pair have pilled, my Astros in black with contrasting waistband not. Clothing does wear out and yoga pants do not age well like jeans. Wash them separate, gentle, cold water and they last fairly well. I put it into prospective and balance that they are the most flattering pants I own and like many things they cost more. I try to eat healthy and every time I pay top dollar for organic or GMO free or pretend I’m buying a bottle of wine when I buy a jug of natural maple syrup it’s a choice. The better food I believe will give me a body that will last longer free of diseases and the chemical medicines to fight them later on. I practice and teach yoga for it’s benefits and yes, I wish Lulu pants were less expensive and made in the USA, but I still feel more confident in them ( well, not a pair of the recalled ones ;)). That might not be as enlightened as I strive to be, but it’s honest.

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