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This Week In Yoga: Knee Knowledge, Mitt Romney Yoga Pants, Yoga Students’ Bill of Rights

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In yoga, every day is a (downward)dog day.

Ah, September. The smell of summer’s sweat still lingering in the air, the sound of kids’ grumbles as they drag their feet back to school and the familiar promises that politicians will lead us into a bright future. Alas, we have so much to look forward to – soup season for starters! Also, September happens to be National Yoga Month, but as our wise teacher Paula asks, isn’t every month a happy yoga month? TGFY! phew.

It’s back to class, yogsters. Read on for some schoolin’ yogadork style.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

YogaDork Ed: What you kneed to know. Get Knee Deep In Knee Knowledge – Yoga for Knee Rehab and Prehab

Briohny and her new hubs get intimate for Equinox. Personally, we can’t wait for the parody! Equinox Releases Sexy Bare-Skinned Yoga Video (Again) With a Partner This Time

Mitt Romney Yoga Pants 2012VOTE. With your yoga pants? Presidential Yoga Pants Say ‘Namaste’ to Mitt Romney

Yoga and politics, just like Mitt Romney and yoga pants. Did Off The Mat Go Off Their Rocker With Yoga at the RNC and DNC?

YD POLL: Politicians, lawyers, doctors, plumbers, teachers, performers, waitresses, full time moms and dads, the list goes on. Does Yoga Help You Do Your Job Better? Here’s What You Said

Yoga is for everyone, and it may be time for the Yoga Students’ Bill of Rights – the latest in Yogopinions by J. Brown.

Last, but not least in kooktasticness. Like we said before, if you don’t know Andrew W.K. you will very well think this is the bizarre thing ever. If you do, well, get ready to howl, er puke? Andrew W.K.’s ‘Yoga Til You Puke’

Let it all hang out.

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This Week In Yoga: Roll Your ‘Intention Joints,’ RNC Yoga, Bad Boy Yogiquotes

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