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Does Yoga Help You Do Your Job Better? Here’s What You Said

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A week or so ago before we posted an informal poll on twitter and facebook and asked, Does yoga help you do your job better? How? Since we’ve seen articles touting boosts in productivity, and there are so many lists telling you the top 10 reasons why this…, 5 ways to be that…blah blah yadda yadda, and we thought we’d post the answers and reasons we heard from YOU.

In order to respect privacy we kept authors names off, but if you’d like to add yours please let us know.

Did we miss yours? Please share in the comments and then pass this post around to all your yoga and especially your non-yoga friends!

Does Yoga Help You Do Your Job Better?

Going to work is like me on my mat: breath & focus

Yoga has taught me to listen more deeply in class and to view each student with compassion. I solve my writing problems on my mat.

Yoga has helped me accept where I am ‘in the moment’ and allowed me to envision where I can go.

Yoga has helped me bridge the gap between physical and emotional well being. Through exploration of my body I’ve found my spirit.

Yoga is a godsend. Sometimes life is too fucking hard and yoga helps me cope with #ChronicPain and the stress that comes with it.

Run (and win) 100km with 1000s m. elev. thanx to #yoga.It prevents injuries, endures and maximizes the running performance.

Yoga allowed me to receive compliments and gifts and allowed me to believe I deserve them both.

It has definitely increased my stamina physically and mentally, so I can put in more productive ours at work.

At first #yoga made me a better MH therapist by keeping me centered. It has also healed my old #trauma & now I’m a yoga therapist!

Yoga has helped me connect and discover my emotions in a physical way

Remembering to honor my form and breath when I’m trying to juggle 100 different tasks at once.

Yoga helped me find comfort, strength, flexibility & balance during both pregnancies & as a Mom; makes me a better runner too!

Yoga has helped me be at peace or find a peaceful moment & share it when the stress & chaos of work seems to overtake the moment

I combine Yoga and meditation and it helps keep me calm and centered all day. I concentrate better also:)

Soldier Stretches His Airplane Legs - Military Yoga

Yoga helped me keep calm and focus while working in conflict zones

Yoga helps by allowing you not to work from the ego… The classic Gita.

I’ve taught my kids to sing “Om” with me whenever they start fighting with each other.

While working in a post tsunami disaster zone in northern Japan, my morning yoga routine kept me emotionally balanced.

Living my yoga helps everything: non-violence, non-grasping, openness to learning and finding humor when things get tough.

I work on my feet in a kitchen. 10 yrs ago I fell down the stairs and fractured a vertebrae. Without yoga, my pain’s unmanageable.

Yoga helps me be patient and work through stressful situations without getting tangled in drama.

I freak out less when students are tweeting in my yoga class.

Yoga helped me deal with long hours & stressful projects much more effectively. I just don’t get stressed anymore 🙂

As a jazz vocalist, my practice has helped me increase my breath capacity & control.

I think it actually helped me *get* my job, w/ interview focus & confidence

When my clients/coworkers are complaining, I am empathetic from a distance, knowing that’s theirs to deal with, not mine.

Yoga helps me keep my work at work and enter my home with a clear mind.

I never was a high stress person to begin with – but yoga has taken that even lower, also it’s a confidence booster

It’s stopped me wanting to scream during Fashion Weeks. Learning to BREATHE (to quote #DrewBarrymore)

Keeps me calm, relaxed, and more capable of balancing tasks.

[photo credit: Soldier – Bikram Hot Yoga Houston facebook; Office – Asana facebook page]



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  • katharine

    Yoga helps me to keep it all in perspective, to listen better and to allow others to work in their own ways. I am more compassionate because of my practice and that has an effect on me personally & professionally.

  • Yoga helps me keep calm at work and, as katharine said, to listen better to my coworkers. It helps me to lengthen the time between input and my reaction. I am better able to let go of unimportant things.

    It also helps me maintain good posture when sitting in a desk chair all day. My back would be a mess without my asana practice.

    I don’t know where I’d be without my practice- on and off the mat.

  • VQ2

    I kinda know how tense I feel when I DON’T do my yoga and pilates … tee-hee … and this tension sure travels with me to the workplace

  • Feeling more energetic at work and being able to handle stress in a smarter way are the two for me.

  • Noah-JI

    Randomly breaking out in balancing asana’s helps remove my inhibitions and fears. It makes me present and not absent. It’s like magic. 🙂

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