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Andrew W.K.’s ‘Yoga Til You Puke’

in YD News

STFU. For any of you familiar with the (dirty)white-outfitted, bloody-nosed party-til-you-puker you’ll find this hilariously amazing. For everyone else you will find this absolutely and insanely absurd.

Perpetually positive hard partier Andrew W.K. is best known for his rawking 2001 debut album I Get Wet, including such party anthems as “Party Hard,” “It’s Time to Party,” “I Love NYC,” and of course “Party til You Puke.” He’s perhaps less recognized, and unjustly so, for his subsequent turn as a touring self-help and motivational speaker, and for his magnanimous facebook tips. Some of our recent faves include: “PARTY TIP: Hugs are more party than handshakes; PARTY TIP: Even though it’s after Labor Day, I officially ask that you keep wearing all white outfits; PARTY TIP: Party. Not someday, and not tomorrow, but right now. I want you to party right now.”

Of course, when you do yoga with Andrew W.K. you do it HARD! And learn poses like the “Creeping Horsey” and “Sweeping Nannny.” That fourth N “is what puts it in style.”

Here’s the explanation to his bizarre take on yoga via a press release:

Andrew W.K. recently turned his visit to Michigan State University’s highly renowned rock radio station, Impact 89FM, into a full-on yoga class. Fittingly titled “Yoga Til You Puke,” the king of partying shows the proper form for poses like the “Downward Dog” and the “Creeping Horsey” in what is undeniably the most party-friendly yoga instructional video ever made.

This is his version of yoga. It’s silly and ridiculous and will have you yogaing til you puke! Just the way AWK likes it. Or, as he commented on the youtube page, “PARTY TIL YOU YOGA!!!” Enjoy.



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