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What’s Your Yoga Style? [Infographic]

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Charts! Graphs! Yoga! Oh, my. If you know YD, you know we love us some fun infographics. Here’s another cheeky and clever flowchart to help you find your yoga. We think they maybe missed a few, but it’s an entertaining ride that’s for sure. Start in the center and ask yourself important questions like Do you normally wake up at 4am? and Do you like standing on other people? 

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Find Your Yoga Style Infographic



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  • VQ2

    Cool. Just like Alison Hinks.

    I like the results I get, although I won’t take my (slightly) injured body to Restorative Yoga anymore. Newsflash: Pilates is not just for men. It can be for stiff old ladies who love yoga (and hate drama) like me …

  • I love flow charts….but where is Ananda Yoga?

  • Very fun, though the “Do you like standing on other people?” question for acro is a little misleading (says the person who loves to base acro). 😛

    • VQ2

      Hmm, yeah. It hadn’t even been acro (which I can’t stand), but an old-school KUNDALINI class, in which my back was walked on – in one exercise (by somebody lighter than me) … ‘n’ that felt fine and dandy. I’m NO base, at my lightest, I’m never wanting to be a base.

  • Dani

    I think this chart is so icomplete, it is a very nice thing to do but really it doesn’t make sense. I like do all those kind of yoga, with those questions, are you really sure is right?
    Lets do the things right, i think who ever did this think the same.

    Good vibes

  • Really, really love the ‘Do you have a touch of OCD?’ question leading to Iyengar – very apropos!

  • Mahangun Kaur

    do you love chanting? um, sure do!

  • John Friendo

    Do you like to do your yoga teacher?——–>Anusara Yoga

  • Shannon

    Before I found hot yoga I would have never said I like extreme heat or liked getting sweaty. I’m still not sure that’s what makes me crazy about yoga – but I tolerate it because of how I feel when I am finished. I still walk into the room and wonder how I can do it as hot as it is!

  • Yoga and Infographics ? I’m all in! I should make one when I get back from my Yoga teacher training in Rikishesh

  • kindalooney

    hilarious and true in the grand tradition of yogadork. love the dealbreaker questions 🙂

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