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Huffington Post Makes Headlines for Free Yoga ‘Oasis’ at RNC

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Attending the Republican National Convention sounds like an exhausting and intense gig. The Huffington Post must have anticipated that when they set up their ‘Oasis’ down in Tampa offering free “yoga classes, massages, mini-facials, makeup refreshes, sleep consultations, meditation and healthy snacks.”  But the HuffPo’s yoga haven made news yesterday and not for good reasons.

The National Writers Union, who have already complained about the free writing labor policy of the Huffington Post claims,  “Like its thousands of citizen journalists and bloggers, the massage professionals are unpaid and working for ‘exposure,'” New York Magazine reports.

“The National Writers Union believes if you do original reporting, work with an editor, and publish at a for-profit web site like the Huffington Post you should be compensated for your work. If you’re a health professional providing a service for a wealthy corporation, you should likewise be fairly paid,” explained NWU President Larry Goldbetter in a release noted by Jim Romenesko.

Legit! But, it turns out the health crew at the Oasis is a bunch of volunteers from Off the Mat, Into the World and HuffPo defends their free labor with a  $40,000 donation to OTM.

We admire the volunteers, including OTM founder herself, Seane Corn, for donating their time to the grueling task of soothing the stress of politicians for 3 days straight. ::shiver::

Did the exchange get political?

As Seane posted on her facebook page:

Last day of the convention. Can’t say I’m not relieved. This experience has been confrontative and intense for me. I hope we brought meaning. I hope we modeled compassion. I hope we represented something positive and unified. Whether or not “they” got our messaging, i guess, is beside the point. Anyone “getting it” is between them and their God. Me? I witnessed my assumptions, classism, rage, judgment, expectations and have had to speak truth to power on more than one occasion. I’ve learned a lot, grown a little, and see the world a little differently than I did before. As always I am grateful, but could use a little sleep…. x

Maybe all we really need is more sleep.

Stay tuned for the DNC! woo?



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