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Drew Barrymore, Cute Prenatal Yoga Mama

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Here’s 37-year-old preggo actress Drew Barrymore leaving her prenatal yoga class in LA earlier this week. Aw.

If for no reason other than an excuse to share a photo of the adorable, pregnant bellied actress and her cutie heart sunglasses. She had a rocky, raucous childhood and we’re pleased to see her maternal chill side. Also, we have a special place in our uterus for prenatal yoga and will shamelessly plug it. Special thanks to Drew’s unborn babe and her side-of-the-mouth lisp thing.




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  • I was too late in the news I didn’t know one of my favorite childhood actresses is preggo! Is she expecting a lil boy or girl? She looks like she’s about to pop anytime soon! I’m sure she’s gonna be such a hip mom!

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