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YogiQuotes: Guess Who Said It? Bad Boys Edition

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It’s YD’s Who Said It? where we post a quote and you guess the person who said it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

This edition is brought to you in honor of anyone who has been affected by addiction. Yoga has been recognized as a positive and healthy practice on the road to recovery. And by former Hollywood bad boys who’ve since made good. Er, who have at least made an effort. Here we go!

Which one of these famed and former Hollywood bad boys recently said the following about his new healthy habit of exercise:

‘It’s helped to stay away from the cocaine and the whiskey. Life moves in cycles. I’m not going to say there was a particular day or time when things changed, or even that I’m a different man.

”I enjoy the work more. I enjoy being a dad more. I enjoy doing things I never thought I’d enjoy, like yoga!”

Who said it?

A. Robert Downey Jr.

B. Colin Farrell

C. Charlie Sheen

D. Russell Crowe

Click here for the answer.



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  • yogaNrs

    honestly, i would hope all of them?!

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