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Yoga Teachers Om for (Donate More Money to) Obama

in YD News

Greetings fine American Yogis with the self-empowered right to vote! Did you know it’s an election year? What were you planning to do with that $20 in your pocket? Buy a chai and acai berry bowl? We have another idea. – Obama Campaign Management

If you’re like us and have been receiving incessant emails from President Obama et al relentlessly asking for donations because Republican candidate Mitt Romney has a Scrooge McDuck sized pile of moolah he can choose to either swim in or use for campaign ads (he’s chosen the latter, mostly) then you’re probably well aware of the 2012 presidential race and coincidental fundraising.

According to The Daily Beast, if you’re a yoga teacher you may have even donated some of your hard earned, yet modest income.  Through filings from the Federal Election Commission, which lists individual donors’ contributions to the candidates for this election so far, TDB sorted through the data to get an idea of which side certain professions leaned. Guess where yoga teachers stood?

Yoga teachers, rabbis, and firefighters love Obama. Homemakers, farmers, and entrepreneurs love Romney.


Our findings support what is widely known: Obama’s been trying to attract small donations from a wide swath of supporters, while Romney’s concentrated on relatively larger donations from a smaller pool of people. Obama’s camp now counts more than 1.25 million donations from individuals, with an average donation of $210; Romney’s now up to 248,000 donations from individuals, with an average donation of $670. Romney’s tactic appears to be working—Republicans currently have $62 million more in cash than Obama and the Democrats.

Yoga teachers love Ommbama! No, most are not filthy rich. No, the president has not signed anything called the Yoga Act. But, judging by these stats and the growing amount of yoga teachers, a little public display of downdog here and there might not hurt. Michelle knows what’s up.

Side note: In an earlier YD Poll, when asked Should Yoga Mix With Politics?, 55% answered “yes, what I practice on the mat should be practiced off the mat, including politics,” while 27% said “no, bakasana and politics are two different animals.” 9% said it depends 6% said they didn’t care.

Not sure which candidate you stand with? (hint: there are more than two) Try this quiz.



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  • I already voted… To Occupy.

    The history of the great spiritual leaders and yogis of our planet (read: Jesus, Martin Luther King, Guru Nanak, Gandhi) is that they had a deep spiritual practice *and* were tremendous social activists. The self-discovered their true purpose in life and became deeply motivated to sacrifice themselves for that truth.

    In fact, if you are a yogi, it’s your history and birthright to be active in the world and take a stand against injustice around the world, wherever and everywhere it arises. It’s no longer, and never has it been enough for people who work on personal change and internal revolution to just talk the talk and not walk the walk. That’s why I joined with Occupy Wall Street – not because I’m political, or an “activist”, but because I’m a Yogi, and it’s my social imperative. It’s my duty and destiny as a human.

    So, for those who with to vote for Obama. Yes, he’s the better alternative in the present 2-party machine… But what about going deeper and actually questioning and standing up to the machine? Remember here – and I’ll keep it to “politics light” – Obama has been one of the most hawkish and war-mongering presidents to date. He also signed away American’s personal freedoms with NDAA. How does that sit with you as a yogi – do you turn a blind eye? Have you already?

    All I’m saying is it you don’t know who Ron Paul is, or Gary Johnson, or Green Party Candidate Jill Stein… Well, perhaps you should vote your conscience, but steer your money towards building grass-roots empowerment. Ultimately, if you don’t know the people in your community, and stand up for your local rights, then how are you going fare in the world when all of you rights are taken away from you by disingenuous figureheads in white-capped towers?

    • YD

      thanks for your thoughtful input! it’s true, there are more candidates than the ones we hear about on the news. meant to include a link to this quiz and have updated the post above.

  • Aspen

    I have been following yoga dork since the John Friend fiasco and have admired the site for it’s willingness to consider truth even if it is not popular. I follow yoga dork on twitter. I have read the posting about Obama and am a person who, more often than many, does not often feel a need to insert my opinion. I want to say that I am troubled by yoga dork’s exclusionary stance on politics with regard to this election. Should a Republican stay out of yoga class? Yes, I know that the posting criticizes Obama and suggests options to consider. But overall there is an Assumption that if one is properly aligned with yoga, one should be Democrat. Whereas I would not want to corner myself with a Dem/Rep label, I find it disturbing to feel that if I am aligned with yoga, that I Should think a particular way politically. This is regardless of yoga philosophy, as the questions are complex in politics, and conclusions will vary as one tries to discern the “truth.” Group-think in yoga and on yoga-dork is troublesome.

  • We need more Republicans and Democrats on the mat…maybe they might move more towards the center and away from the extreme…and figure out a way to respectfully disagree and work together to find common ground. One can hope.

  • Patricia Juarez

    The Republican credo of pulling oneself up with their own bootstraps is NOT compatible to Yoga philosophies. Republicans can do fitness Yoga, without any talk of compassion or serving others. They can run through the asanas for physical exercise only.

  • Why does doing yoga make you anything but a yogi. Seems you have been sucked in the trap that both parties try and scare you. The dems tell women that republicans will make things worse. The repubs tell business owners that dems hate them. When I am on the mat I don’t care what the person next to me believes. I do not like people or the government telling me how I should think or who I should support. This is liking making a post and saying if you dont like means that you are against me. Just like i get tired of people saying that if I dont pass something on then I must be against them. To each their own and to each will have to live with their choices. Everyone is not for yoga but yoga is for everyone.

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