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91-Year-Old Mabes Morrill Teaches Yoga on TODAY Show (video)

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Move over Tao Porchon-Lynch and other nonagenarians; make room for another 90+ yogini. Mabes Morrill originally came to yoga in the late 60s to soothe the pain of arthritis while living in Venezuela. Forty years later, she is still teaching and sharing the relief- and for free! Talk about good karma.

Check out the video to see NBC’s “TODAY” show hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda put down the wine bottle and kick off their heels to practice the art of down dog in a work dress. May we all be rocking the shoulder stand in our 90s.



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  • The ballots for my life-mate are no longer available..she just beat out everyone in the poll.

  • She’s so awesome. I hope to be awesome when I’m older.

    We are lucky, we have an 80-odd year old teacher in our neighborhood, but she’s currently on holiday. She’s awesome. 🙂

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