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This Week In Yoga: Billionaire Pole Dancing Yoga | Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein | In-Flight Gurus

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Yoga Foam Party!

If YD were a cooking show, it’d probably be the Food Network’s ‘Chopped.’ Every week we’re tossed a basket of unknown “ingredients” and have to combine them all with our own special sauce and spices, adding cans of whoopasana and molecularly gastronomized yoga foam and have only 30 minutes to make sense of it all! OK, not exactly. But we sort of like the idea of a melting pot where all of our – you, me and the other yogi’s – flavors can meld together, stewing harmoniously to create a zesty aroma of patchouli, sweat and OMG/WTF. Or something like that.

Tonight marks a new moon, which means the revealing or emerging of something new – new goals, new developments, new beginnings! So be sure to include a dash of open mind and a sprinkle of patience in your own secret recipe for the weekend.

Soup’s on. Foam party!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Yoga During Your Period?Speaking of moons and cycles. Ladies, how do you flow with your flow? Go With Your Flow: Yoga On Your Period – To Invert or Not to Invert?

And you know that thing we love to do to ourselves in yoga class – go deeper! What does that mean anyway? YogaDork Ed: Going Deeper Into a Pose? Or Going Off the Deep End?

YogiQuotes: Who Said It?

The latest edition of our fun game!  YogiQuotes: Guess Who Said It? Chef Tattoo Edition!

Department store yoga may become the next Lululemon in-store yoga? JC Penney Wants to Become Your Favorite Yoga Studio

Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein Yoga PantsWe see London, we see France. We see lulu getting sue-y over CK’s yoga pants. Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein Over Yoga Pants Patents

If YOU had a billionaire boyfriend, what would YOU do. Oh the good and/or terrible potential. Yoga Entrepreneur to Marry Billionaire Investor George Soros, World Takes Deep Breath

Yoga and Pole Dancing in the Olympics?

The 2012 Summer Olympics are over, but sweaty-bodied pole-climbing hopefuls are still hopeful! Yoga and Pole Dancing Still Duking it Out for the Olympics

On this new moon weekend, we leave you with this inspirational eye-roller! Naw, really, it’s something special. YOU are something special, dammit. Listen to this: American Airlines Flight Attendant Turns Spiritual Guru on PA System

Keep it cookin’!

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