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Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein Over Yoga Pants Patents

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Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein Yoga PantsOh, no! The lululemmings are under attack! It’s true, in the fight of good versus evil in big time butt-hugging yoga pants market, ganking a patented design means war. Or a lawsuit.

Lululemon has sued Calvin Klein over 3 styles of yoga pants in the CK “Performance” line (see pic above) claiming brand infringement.

Calvin Klein’s “Performance” brand pants violate U.S. patents issued in June and September 2011, lawyers for Lululemon said in the complaint filed Aug. 13 in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. Lululemon seeks unspecified damages, including lost profits and royalties, and a court order barring the conduct.

“The accused products include substantially the same waistband design elements and pant style,” Lululemon said in the complaint.

And this probably has nothing to do with the markedly lower price point ($39.99 at overstock). See? Yoga poses aren’t the only things you can sue over. Maybe Bikram needs to check on his bikri-kini bottom patents.

Never fear, luonies, we’re sure this will be cleared up after a friendly court ordered yoga class and a few million dollars. After making a record $1 billion in sales last year to achieve the fourth-highest sales per square foot among North American retailers after Apple Inc., Tiffany & Co. and Coach Inc. you can bet they mean business.

But let this be a warning to Athleta, and all you aspiring colored-block-waistband yoga pants designers. These lulus have goals, and they know where you live, or at least where you yoga.



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  • Twisted Yoga Sister

    Just one more reason not to buy anything Lululemon.

    • Lelsie

      I agree. Designed in Vancouver; Made in China …….

  • honomann

    Lululemon is the Bikram of yoga apparel. It’s all nicey nice and namaste until revenue gets threatened.

  • Savasana

    Naked yoga. That’ll show those Lulus where to put their lawsuits.

  • Yoga?

    The reason why they sue cK is because of the name. I see so many of these pants out there from vareities of brands. Some are $19.99. The style is so 2010. cK is a big name so, they sue to show how superior Lulu is.

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